It’s begun!

I am decreeing that it is officially the Christmas season now.

And on what have I based this decree?

On three things, actually. One is that PG and I visited the Vancouver Christmas market to kick things off this weekend. It’s our version of the traditional German one, and according to what Bevchen over at Confuzzledom has described, ours is pretty authentic. There is a carousel, lots of food stalls, lots of Christmas craft stalls, lots of music, lots of people and glühwein!

Mmmm, glühwein …

I didn’t take any photos while we were there, but hey, you can check out the website and see for yourself if you’re interested.

The second thing that signifies that the Christmas season has well and truly started is that after we went to the Christmas market (and DO NOT ask how much money I spent. Just DO NOT.), we drove over to one of Vancouver’s downtown beaches to see if “my” tree was lit up yet. This is actually a small clump of very large trees between the road and the beach itself that are lit up with what seems like thousands of Christmas lights every year. If I’m not mistaken, the lights were originally put up to raise awareness of AIDS, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case. Anyway, I coerce PG into making the pilgrimage every year to see these trees in all their glory, but we usually go much closer to Christmas Day. This was the earliest we have ever gone to see them, and happy-happy-joy-joy, the lights were on! See how pretty there on the beach at sunset? photo

So when I got home, the third harbinger of Christmas had to be set into motion: I finally plugged in my outdoor lights and turned them on – a full three weeks after we put them up. No point in doing some things TOO quickly, is there? One needs the proper motivation, don’t you think?

Yup, ready or not, the Christmas season has arrived.

Now I just have to find time to compile my own Christmas list and distribute it to the necessary people, to buy and wrap some presents for all of them, to get my Christmas tree up and decorated, to do some baking, to attend some Christmas parties …and maybe, just maybe, to relax and enjoy it all!


5 responses to “It’s begun!

  1. That should, of course, be ‘flocons de neige’, dear teacher.

  2. Whatcha gettin’ me? Whatcha gettin’ me? Love your li’l snowflakes (or flocons to neige to be truly Canadian). I did get half my outside lights up on the weekend. Proud of that I was. But, Wendy’s birthday is today so we have to get past that before doing Noel stuff.

  3. Oooh, pretty lights!

    • And even prettier at night. (And thanks for posting all about German Christmas markets – you certainly sparked my interest in our market here, and then I knew what was supposed to be there. But our glühwein is probably a little different than yours! 😉 )