Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

One of my friends has just started tutoring a young boy in reading. Although it’s early days yet, she tells me that she thinks he’s a sweet kid and that they’ve made a good connection already. He’s been asking her all kinds of questions about herself, including such things as whether or not she has kids.

She told him that she does indeed have kids, and that she has a daughter almost his age. She mentioned that her daughter was quite disappointed that her mom is going to his house to tutor, rather than him coming to hers. In the past, you see, my friend has had all her students come to her home for tutoring and apparently, her daughter has quite enjoyed meeting them. But she was not going to be meeting this particular student this time, and she let her mom know that this displeased her.

According to my friend, the boy perked up immensely when she told him this. He has been talking about her daughter quite a bit since then. He seems to really want to meet her too.

In fact, he told my friend exactly that the other day. He’s not quite sure how to go about this, but he seemed to feel that my friend’s daughter would need some serious convincing to come over to his house and meet him. And the best way he knew of to entice her to come by was: “Did you tell her that I have fish??? And an aquarium???”

imagesNow, isn’t that the best pick-up line EVER?!? “Hey baby, I have fish. And an aquarium!

(Well, these kids ARE only 10 and 11 years old!)


7 responses to “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

  1. I wonder if I can get George Clooney to come to my house if I let him know that I have a dog and a cat. Do you think he might be interested then?

  2. A fella has to learn to do what it takes to meet the babes.

  3. One would hope there’s an aquarium…. Cause otherwise… the stench!

  4. I think the fish are the bigger draw, but am so glad he has an aquarium for them!

    • His mom probably is too – but we’ll see how she feels about young females visiting her son “to see his fish” (nudge nudge, wink wink)!