Eeny meeny …

For two days this week, I wasn’t teaching. Instead, I was doing committee work at a different location. I like doing this for a number of reasons, the chief one probably being the wonderful lunch that is always provided for us. The cafeteria there is amazing, and even their simplest sandwiches are SOOOOO good!

But of course, what goes in must come out, so every now and then, a trip to the bathroom is necessary.

This is the bathroom:photo

Lots of stalls, right? Nine of them, to be exact. It’s a bit hard to see in the photo, but one of the doors has an “Out of Order” sign taped to it. So technically, there were eight stalls available. A plethora of stalls, really.

So which one did I pick?

The only one that was occupied.


(To the woman in the stall, I’m SO sorry I scared you so badly. Honestly, I am!)


7 responses to “Eeny meeny …

  1. thepinkrachael

    Haha, sod’s law!

    • And this is why the doors in toilet stalls shouldn’t be right down to the floor – you have to be able to take a quick look for feet under there so you don’t unnecessarily scare people by trying to energetically wrench said door open.

      • thepinkrachael

        It’s maybe also why people should learn to lock the door…maybe she secretly wanted someone to burst in on her…maybe she’s into that – just thought I’d throw that out there šŸ˜‰

  2. To pee or not to pee. That is the question.

    • Oh, I peed all right – once that other woman hurriedly finished HER business and left the room. She didn’t want to see me and I didn’t want to see her!

  3. I hope you went out and bought a lottery ticket.

    • But if I picked the wrong door in a public bathroom, it stands to reason that I would also pick the wrong lottery numbers – which explains a lot, I think.