The rest of the TV story

To recap: my mother’s TV was broken and after much faffing about, it was deemed unrepairable. She would be receiving close to 900$ as per the terms of the warranty, presumably to buy a new TV. And she was asking me what I thought she should do now.

Many responses went through my head. The one I ended up voicing was, “Why don’t you go back to the store you originally bought the TV from and buy the same one again?” Somehow, I was able to keep my voice calm and my tone neutral.

Mom phoned the store again. But oh woe! That store no longer sold television sets! NOW what should she do?

I gave her a couple of suggestions of electronic stores in the neighbourhood that she could perhaps call and see if they had the same TV. The first one she tried didn’t have that TV in stock, but it could be paid for at the store and then picked up at their warehouse.

I had a couple of questions about that scenario, seeing as how Mom seemed to believe that it would be ME who would have to do all this: Where is the warehouse? When is it open? And most crucially, don’t they deliver?!

Again, Mom was quite vague on the particulars. Oh, they said it was in another Vancouver suburb about a half-hour drive from where we live – and no, she didn’t have the address. Couldn’t I just look it up on that internet thing? She thought they told her that it was open from 9 till 1 – but she didn’t know if that was am or pm. And yes, they did deliver, but that would cost 50$, and she didn’t want to pay that if I could go get it for her instead!

So I encouraged her to call the other stores I’d suggested earlier. Maybe one of them had an actual TV in stock so I wouldn’t have to find some warehouse somewhere at some time that I probably couldn’t go there anyway.

Mom did that, but all the prices were higher than at that first store. It was obvious that she really wanted me to go to that warehouse – till I had a brainwave!

“Mom,” I said, “why don’t you call another branch of that first store? There’s one right near where I work. If they have the TV you want in stock, it would be easy for me to stop in and pick it up, then deliver it to you on my way home.”

Mom thought that might work, so she made the call. And it was good! That store had the TV she wanted, and they put it on hold for her for 24 hours.

But wait – another problem reared its ugly head!

My car, my beloved BMW, is absolutely CRAP at transporting anything bigger than, say, a laptop. Seriously. She doesn’t have a hatchback, and I dearly miss it, having always had hatchback cars prior to buying this, my dream car. Okay, the dream isn’t quite as dreamy when you have a stupid trunk in your car and you are extremely limited as to what you can put in said stupid trunk. I curse that trunk frequently, I do!

So, another plan had to be formulated. I had to trade cars with Mom for the day. HER car has a hatchback, and when the backseats are folded down, I swear you can fit a pool table in there. A 46-inch flat screen TV would be no problem in HER car.

And that’s pretty much what happened. After work today, I went to the store, paid for the TV (and a four-year warranty) with the cash she’d entrusted to me (yes, I had 1000$ in my wallet ALL DAY!), had it loaded into HER car, picked up DD at home to help me set the new TV up, and drove over to Mom’s condo. We brought the TV in together, I attached its stand, DD and I hooked up the various cables, DD did the initial set-up, I reprogrammed Mom’s universal remote – and the TV was getting no signal.

hdtv_hookup_cable_satellite_compDD and I got frustrated as hell, retightening all cables, rechecking the hookup, rereading the directions, redoing the initial set-up, etc. The TV finally started working when I hit a small button on the remote that was labelled “input”. Apparently, the TV just needed to know where the signal was coming from. Who knew?

Mom is so thrilled! She immediately found a baseball game to watch, and sat there with the hugest grin on her face. It’s a great TV, with a picture that’s actually even clearer and more vibrant than her old TV – and that one was a terrific TV! She says she has two weeks worth of TV to catch up on. So much for kicking the TV addiction, I guess. But who cares when you’re 83?

And then what did she do? She gave me the 50$ that she didn’t want to spend on delivery and told me to take DD out for dinner!


5 responses to “The rest of the TV story

  1. You and DD are handy women, but even your mom manages well for her age. I hope I do as well by then.

  2. Aw, I love that your mum got her TV and how sweet to give you the cash to go for dinner – hope you enjoyed it! I still can’t get all the channels I should have on my TV, but I’m sticking with it as is, so it doesn’t break completely again!

    • We had a lovely sushi dinner courtesy of my mother. I felt a bit guilty afterwards that we hadn’t asked her to join us, but being 83 years old, she doesn’t even know what sushi is, so she would have said no, for sure. Besides, she has so much tv to catch up on …

  3. What a wonderful story and everyone happy at the end of it. Love these slice of life vignettes!

    • Hi WWW, and thanks for stopping by! Yes, all’s well that ends well here in pinklea-land – for now, anyway. I’m sure there’s another small-scale disaster lurking around the corner, because that’s how life seems to work, doesn’t it?