A cry for help

I had to go to this very large mall the other day. I don’t go there a lot, but it does have the closest Lululemon shop to where I live, and DD and I like their workout clothing. The clothing is not cheap, but it is extremely comfortable and durable. In fact, I own a pair of capri yoga pants from Lululemon that I think I bought something like 5 years ago, and I’ve worn them probably an average of twice a week all that time. They are still pretty much perfect: the colour is still vibrant (if you can ever really call black vibrant…), they have held their shape, and the fabric isn’t pilly or worn-looking at all. You get what you pay for at Lululemon, I think.

All advertising aside, I was going there to pick up a pair of yoga pants that DD had taken in a few days earlier for hemming. I was leaving PG’s apartment, which is a lot closer to that mall that my house is, so I had volunteered to do this for DD on my way home, saving her an hour round-trip.

I got to the mall, parked in my usual area, found my way quickly to Lululemon and got the pants. Then I made my mistake.

I decided to shop a little. For only one thing: some birthday cards. So I only wanted to go to one store. Just one store.

I carefully consulted a map of the mall. I figured out the easiest way to get to the card shop and made my way there. I bought a whole bunch of cards, stocking up for the rest of the year, actually. AND I got three cards free because they were having a special promotion and I was buying so many cards anyway! I was happy.

I stepped out of the store and sat on one of those benches found in the middle of mall walkways. I checked my phone and texted a friend who had just sent me a message. I got up and started walking – and suddenly realized that I had no idea where I was and how to get back to my car.

I do this, get lost in malls. As good as I am with maps, immediately I come out of a shop, I get all turned around and have no clue which direction I was even coming from.

I didn’t relish the thought of walking around a huge, busy mall to find a map, but that was exactly what I was going to have to do. All I could remember for sure was that it had taken me a good ten minutes to get to where I was from the Lululemon shop and that I needed to go down two levels to get to the carpark – or was that three? Damn!

I went to the end of the corridor. No map. I turned down another corridor while I texted DD:photo

Thank goodness I found that map finally. I really didn’t want to have to cry for my mommy amongst all those people.


6 responses to “A cry for help

  1. what, no see through yoga pants for you??
    I once got hopelessly lost inside a mall. Yorkdale. It was Christmas and I was tired and cranky. I knew exactly where my car was parked, I just couldn’t find the proper exit to get to it. And damned if I was going to walk the 600 km circuit around the outside to find it. The more I searched the maps and the stores, the more frustrated I got. I am here, so obviously I somehow found my way out. But I have never been back. And it is even bigger now, I understand.

    • When I originally bought the pants, yeah, the see-through black fabric thing was in full swing and the store had very little stock while they waited for the new, non-see-through shipment. They did just happen to have just ONE older pair in the style I was looking for, in the size I needed, so I just got lucky, I guess. (Except for losing my way in the mall, I mean.)

  2. Ah Lululemon, home of the perfect yoga pant… depending on your size. Never found anything to fit me there and tho I’m not tiny, I’m not huge either. Go figure.

    • Their biggest size is 12, but it really depends upon the actual garment and its cut, I’ve found. A size 12 is NEVER just a size 12, as all women know.

  3. Just be grateful you didn’t have to pee while you were carrying out your search. I do understand the panic, though. I once lost my car in the Metrotown parkade — which is statistically the most common one for people losing their vehicle. I ultimately found it sitting on an entirely different level than the one I believed it was on.