Whoa, there!

I am just astounded! I simply cannot believe my eyes!

DD and I were out doing our weekly grocery shop – the one we didn’t do last week, so I guess it’s not truly weekly, then, is it?

Anyway, to my intense horror, I saw this in the local grocery store:photo

It’s effing AUGUST, people!

I can’t even rant any further – this is SO STUPID AND SO WRONG!


11 responses to “Whoa, there!

  1. I pull the wool over my eyes and ignore the whole thing. I tell myself it has nothing to do with me. I’m not part of this madness. It’s all those people with spoiled kids.

    • I haven’t participated in Halloween for a few years myself, but there it is still, staring me in the face in my regular supermarket. I’ll have to walk past that enormous display for the next 10 weeks or so – that’s going to be hard to ignore!

  2. We beat you! I saw a halloween display 2 weeks ago!!! Talk about milking it for all it’s worth!

  3. Well, they have to get the display areas cleaned out so they can begin Christmas marketing in September. Commercial greed knows no bounds.

    • Whatever happened to waiting till Thanksgiving to start the Halloween marketing, and ramping up for Christmas after that? No wonder we’re all totally stressed out and frazzled by the time December rolls around – we’ve been inundated with serious marketing campaigns for months by then!

  4. And I thought all the back to school stuff in the shops here were bad!!

    • Back to school is perfectly fine right now, as the schools reopen around here in two weeks and two days (gak!). But Halloween won’t be here for two and a half MONTHS! How long does it take to pick up a couple of bags of candy for tricks-or-treaters?

      • The schools here don’t go back til late September, and the back to school stuff first appeared in the shops before they even borke up for the holidays! Luckily Germany doesn’t really do Halloween so what little there is won’t appear til the weekend before and will be gone by 1st November!

        • Wow, that’s a little early to start the back-to-school selling if it started before school even ended! That sounds like American-style marketing, which we in Canada are experiencing more and more every year. Guess it’s spreading world-wide now.