My future

I got my palm read recently. I’ve never had that done before. But PG and I were at an event with his sister and brother-in-law, and when I saw the sign, I playfully said, “Hey, we should get our palms read!” PG’s sister yelled, “Yes, we should!” and dragged us all in. Seriously, if it wasn’t for her, I would never have gone in. I would never waste my money on something so frivolous – unless, of course, there was a guarantee that it would be totally accurate and wonderful and positive. Which I would certainly like to believe there is, even though I know there isn’t.

Anyway, I am apparently going to live a long and happy life (what, I’ve been miserable up till now?). There was no mention of illness or incapacitation, so I am assuming that means that I will simply live until I die. The palm-reader told me that nothing bad (like death) is going to happen around me for the next two years. She said I have been working very hard, though, and it was time to start slowing down, cutting back, taking it easier. I should be looking at retirement (which, being in my fifties, I am). In fact, she said I would be retiring sooner, rather than later. I looked at her quizzically, and she said, “You’re 47?” I smiled and told her that I was actually 55, but that I loved her! She smiled back and said I looked much younger (apparently 8 years younger), and that I was definitely going to retire within the next couple of years.

The palm-reader asked about children, and was puzzled when I said I had one daughter. “Are you sure? Your palm says you have two, a son and a daughter.” Am I sure? Um, yeah. I’ve never seen another kid around my house. I’m pretty sure I only have one daughter. But I don’t have to worry about that one daughter, it seems. She will be married around age 28 (she’s 26 now), to a tall man with light brown hair. In fact, she may have already met him, but if she hasn’t, she’ll meet him this summer. I immediately texted DD with this insight, to which her actual reponse was, “No thx”. Hey, the palm doesn’t lie, DD!

In 2014-16, I am also going to be getting lots of good news and there will a lot of celebration. Some of this good news will be quite unexpected – which is the best kind of good news, don’t you think? It all comes down to all this hard work I’ve been putting in, the palm-reader kept telling me. My payoff is coming. (And she said nothing about buying lottery tickets, either!)

She also told me that my “husband” and I were good together, that we should keep on spending quality time together. She asked when our anniversary was, and when I told her that we weren’t married, she said that common-law was perfectly okay. (Now I’m getting moral judgements from a palm-reader?) I didn’t say that we don’t live together either, but she went on to talk about us really enjoying each other’s company and being happy together. Then she said something, pretty much as an aside, about him having his place and me having mine, and spending weekends at one place or the other. Which is exactly what we do. Then the kicker: PG and I will be getting married within this two-year period that is so significant to me.

So, on the whole, a fun, fairly positive experience, with some interesting comments and just enough truth in there to make me think that maybe there IS something to this palm-reading stuff …

… except that PG’s palm-reader didn’t say anything to him about us getting married!


8 responses to “My future

  1. It’s a good thing that you take this with a whole big grain of salt because it’s all a bunch of BS, of course. I wonder just how much instruction she had in palm reading at all? She probably made up most of it just by looking you over and acted like a fortune teller.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s what many palm-readers do, make it up as they go along based upon what you look and act like, as well as on your answers to a few pointed questions. Still, I’ve spent 15$ on much less amusing activities than this one, so it wasn’t a total waste of my time, I think.

  2. So, as a sibling I trust I’ll be getting an invitation to the wedding. I’d be crushed if I didn’t. Just sayin’. And since you and Wendy are the same age — and you definitely don’t look your age, I know instinctively — you and she could compare notes on being 55.

    • I‘d like an invitation to this mythical wedding myself! 😀 And it is true, I have never looked my true age (thanks, Dad!). It was a pain in the ass when I was a child and teenager, even more so when I became legal, but now it’s actually very nice.

  3. hmmm, so DD already knows a tall, light brown haired man she wants no part of marrying? and is it not odd that she switched from referring to your ‘husband’ to you getting married?? did she actually say you would be marrying this same man – or another tall light brown haired stranger you will unexpectedly meet between now and 2016??

    I love tearing these types of prophesies apart. so much fun!

    • Really, a lot of what she said is based on human nature and stereotypical beliefs: don’t ALL middle-aged women have at least two children? Don’t ALL young women – plus those older gals who are co-habitating with a guy or just spending weekends with him – want to get married? Doesn’t EVERYONE get a long and happy life? (Would a psychic ever tell someone that they’re going to die a horrible death in a few months anyway?)

      Yup, fun, but not to be taken totally seriously.

  4. Maybe you’ll have to convince him…

    • As far as marriage goes, PG and I have both been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I don’t think either of us are in any hurry to do it again, quite honestly, so maybe we both might need some convincing!