Early summer daze

imagesHere we are, Day 2 of my official summer vacation. I say today is “Day 2” and “official”, because although the last day of school was Friday June 28, the weekend doesn’t truly count as a real vacation period, since I normally have weekends off. Same with Canada Day on July 1: I normally have it off, so I shouldn’t really count it as “official” vacation time. So, my summer vacation actually started yesterday, July 2. Therefore, today, July 3, is the second day of my actual summer vacation.

Are we clear on that, then?

I’ve been quite busy these past two days. There’ve been a few hours of sitting in the sun, thanks to the very timely arrival of an actual summer and high temperatures in this part of the world. I’ve actually noticed my drooping outdoor plants before it was too late and have watered all my flower boxes and hanging baskets every evening. I have picked up four books to read and have already plowed through one of them. There’s been some very serious laundry and cleaning done, the kind of laundry and cleaning that don’t get done during regular work weeks. I ran some errands for my mom that she’s been wanting me to do for a while. After a hunt of several weeks, I finally bought some new denim capris that actually fit my curves instead of squishing me in all the wrong places (I have apparently been shopping in the wrong stores for years. But I may now have found the right one!). I have bought some items (all liquids and gels in sizes of 100 ml or less) that I will need for my upcoming trip to Ireland. I have exchanged some of my hard-earned Canadian dollars for pounds sterling and euros. I have typed up our itinerary, printed a copy of it for my mom and emailed copies to other family members. I have checked into the various international phone packages that are available with my service provider (that took a much longer time than it should have. Those mobile phone companies and their monopolies!), and still haven’t decided which one I’m going to purchase. I met my wimmin friends for a couple of beverages on a sunny terrace this afternoon – and now have a sunburned neck and shoulders because nobody wanted to sit in the shade. I have worked out at the gym both yesterday and today. I made a hair appointment for next week, and have also planned to pop into my local nail salon (no appointment necessary) to get my nails done and to have a pedicure.

Yup, it’s pretty easy to get a lot of stuff done in a day when your body doesn’t realize that you’re on vacation, dammit, and wakes up well before 7 am and will absolutely NOT go back to sleep, no matter HOW late you went to bed the night before.

Thanks, body. At least I didn’t waste the time.


7 responses to “Early summer daze

  1. Wow, you have been busy!

    I can’t wait to hear all about your Ireland trip! Need to know what I missed 😉

  2. It’s a good life if you don’t weaken. When does your trip to Ireland happen, dear sister. When I spent a few days in Killarney many years ago I decided in an instant I wanted to live there. And meanwhile I seem to be on an Irish creative projectile. Did my Cliffs of Moher and now I am going to do a paing of Ben Bulben in Sligo, from the perspective of Drumcliffe Churchyard where Yeats is buried.

    • We leave in two weeks. We’re starting up in Northern Ireland and working our way down the eastern and southern coasts, so we won’t get up to the Cliffs of Moher or Sligo this trip. We will do the Dingle Peninsula, however, so Killarney is on our list of places to see.

      • In the North the Glens of Antrim are lovely and, of course, the Giant’s Causeway. And remember, it’s Bushmill’s in Ulster and John Jamieson in the Republic.

        • I’m really looking forward to visiting “Norn Iron”! I don’t know many people who have been there, so any and all advice is quite welcome! (One important bit of advice I was given very recently was that the Jamieson’s tour is pants and the Bushmill’s one is much better. No word yet on the quality of the Guinness tour …)

  3. Hey, your body will adapt. And WHAT is the store?

    • The store is called Suzanne’s. I believe it is a franchise, but it might just be here in BC not in Eastern Canada. I’d never gone there before because my mother shops there, but when I took the chance, I was VERY pleasantly surprised!