Body report

This is a bit of an update on – uh – Iceland.

Remember when I channeled Humpty Dumpty and had a great fall not quite two weeks ago? Remember me describing the bruise as the shape of Iceland, only dark purple and on my upper left butt cheek?

I am totally amazed, but only the southern coast of Iceland is now purple. The rest of the Iceland-shaped bruise is yellowish already. In only two weeks! There are two hard lumps under the skin that are still somewhat sensitive to touch – but not hugely, and they really don’t bother me a great deal.

I missed a week of Pilates classes, because I couldn’t lie on my back comfortably on my yoga mat. I went back this week, and managed very well by adding one of those blue cushy gymnastics mats underneath the yoga mat. The only thing I couldn’t do was rolling. Everything else was fine. Maybe next week I will scrap the gymnastics mat and see how it goes.

I missed a week and a half at the gym too, and again, went back this week. There were a couple of machines that put some pressure on that spot on my lower back, but it was certainly doable. It felt so good to be back at it – and you have no idea how weird it is for me to say that. Exercise and I have not always been besties, so this is really something!

Also, my right shoulder is improving SO much! After having missed that time at the gym, I was absolutely blown away by how easily I did some of the machines and some of the stretching exercises. Meaning, I actually COULD do those machines and stretches without discomfort! I’m back to almost full function on that shoulder, and I am so happy about that! This has been a very long haul, since the end of last October, and I never expected it to take that long to get pretty much back to normal. (Of course, I never expected to be over 50 years old, either, so maybe that’s the real issue here.)

I have to say that I’m having issues with growing older. I certainly don’t look my age, and like most middle-aged people (and seniors, like my mom), I feel much younger inside. I’m growing older kicking and screaming, and it’s hard for me to admit how old I actually am. When I say that I have a 26-year-old daughter, the look on peoples’ faces is truly amazing to behold, and often they accuse me of lying – or being a slut and having had her when I was like 12 or so. PG is almost 3 years younger than me, but because he is growing older much more gracefully than I (meaning that his hair is almost totally grey now and he doesn’t care), most people think that he is older than I am. So this whole body-breaking-down-and-taking-way-longer-than-I-ever-thought-it-would-to-heal is difficult to deal with.

But at least I can report that Iceland is receding … and that’s okay.


6 responses to “Body report

  1. You keep mentioning your Icelandic bruise but you never show pictures. But yes, the glories of aging dahling sistah, are not glorious at all. As Bette Davis once said: “Old age isn’t for sissies.” But you are still gloriously young. I mean you remain active and vital so disregard the irritating little signs.

    • Sorry, Big Brother, but I’m not EVER going to show a photo of that magnificent bruise. It’s just in too sensitive a spot on my body – and I wouldn’t want this blog to be reclassified as pornographic! 😉 (Also, there actually are no existing photos of it in its glory days, and now it’s fading fast: just a very pale yellowy blotch of an island, with only a slight whisper of purple southern coastline. Not much to see now, really.)

  2. Neither am I happy about this aging process. I don’t look my age and when I was telling a friend over lunch that I have to accept the fact that I will need to retire, an elderly woman sitting at the next table could not help herself and looked at me shocked and said “you are far to young to retire”. She is right. But my body says otherwise.
    Glad your shoulder is improving.

    • As I age, that’s the thing I am noticing more and more: my body is letting me down more and more. Still, that’s better than the alternative, don’t you think? (And sometimes it’s SOOO hard to keep that perspective!)

  3. Maybe your terrible bruise is more like Iceland’s glaciers that are receding, but I am happy for you nevertheless. It’s never nice to walk around with a whole volcanic island on your backside. And please don’t worry about your age. I have decided that nobody is really old until they hit 80 and even then it is a doubtful case by that time. Live your life joyfully and with abandon and seize the day.

    • You’re so right: age is just a number and everyone should just live their lives and enjoy it all while they can. Words to remember, for sure – but sometimes I do forget. I must try harder!