Complaint department

imagesI am in a complaining mood. Actually, DD and PG and my mother would say that I am often in a complaining mood. That may or may not be true, but right now I am in the mood to actually DO something about those things about which I am complaining.

For example, I have been paying for DD’s gym membership for years, ever since she was a student. At the time, it made sense, because I wanted my own membership, so I just added her on. Also, she didn’t have much money back then. Well, she’s not a student any more but she’s still not working full time, unfortunately, so she still doesn’t have much money. I told her many months ago that I didn’t feel that I should pay for her any more, so she needed to step up and pay her own way. When I told her how much it was, she balked and said it was too expensive. I said fine, then no more membership. She agreed.

But I didn’t act upon it until yesterday.

After my workout, I explained the situation to the woman at the desk. She understood and said there were papers that DD would need to sign. She will prepare them and have them ready for signing on Friday. I have informed DD of this. She looked a little stunned that I finally did something, but if she doesn’t go in and sign, I will go get the papers and bring them home for her to sign.

Do not mess with me when I am in a complaining mood, DD.

Example number two: we pick up our mail in a community box. Each person has a key to their own little slot. The letter carrier has a key to open up the whole front of the box, then he or she can stuff the mail into the correct slots, then close and lock the front of the big box.

Except the close and locking part hasn’t been happening all the time.

A few times in the past month or so, the front of the box hasn’t been locked. I’ve gone to pick up my mail and I can swing the whole thing open, inspect everyone’s private mail, take it if I find anything good … and so can anyone else. Not good. It happened again today. So I got on-line to let Canada Post know that this is an unacceptable situation – but discovered that while almost every corporation in the world ensures that people can communicate with them by email, Canada Post’s mail security department does not. They require a phone call. I hate making phone calls.

But I made this one. I was promised that Canada Post would send someone out to lock the box within four hours, and that the message would be passed on about ensuring that the box always be securely locked after the mail is delivered.

Again, yay me.

Example the third: there is a no parking zone on the street behind my house. There is a no parking sign and everything. Yet, the teenage boy two doors down and a few of his brain-dead friends seem to figure that the sign is for everyone else but not them. They park there almost every afternoon and early evening, probably five out of seven days. Occasionally, the kid’s car is there all night. And his parents do nothing – except once I heard the dad say, “You know, the no parking sign is back.” (It had just been replaced after it got ripped off – probably by that kid!)

And on the other side of the driveway to the main street, there is a fire hydrant. There is no parking in front of any and all fire hydrants. Still, people often park there, mostly airhead parents who are taking their kids to and from the family daycare that is a couple of houses down from the driveway. They may not be there long, but they are there often, and their ubiquitous minivans and SUVs block the view of drivers (like me) who are trying to get safely out of the driveway without getting t-boned by a passing car on the main street. So we’ve got double illegal there: too close to a driveway AND in front of a fire hydrant.

So I have just emailed a parking complaint (actually, that would be two parking complaints) to the city, requesting some enforcement of parking bylaws on my street. I am tired of not being able to see what is coming at me when I inch out of the driveway. And I’d like MY friends to be able to park on the street right behind my house, but because it’s a designated no parking zone, they can’t, so those kids can’t either, no matter how entitled they think they are.

So, yeah, watch out! I’m in a complaining mood, and I’m taking action!

(But I’m still kinda worried that for all my complaining, nothing will happen. That would be so very upsetting!)


4 responses to “Complaint department

  1. Brave to you, dear Sister. Most people just bitch and whine, but you did something about it. Whether it bears fruit or not will remain to be seen but, I’m with Jazz in that at least you had your say.

    • I do feel good about that. Empowered, I think it’s called. And I’ve had all these weird things happen to me lately that seem to be totally out of my control, so it’s doubly nice to feel a bit more in charge in a couple of areas of my life.

  2. Don’t worry about it. Cynic that I am, I’m with you that probably nothing will happen. But at least you had your say.

    • One time when I made a parking complaint, it was actually dealt with very efficiently – but that was like 10 years ago. Still, I’m hopeful!