teacher-id-colorNow I’ve lost my photo ID badge for work.

Just great.

Everyone who works in a school district has one of these badges, from the cleaning staff right up to the superintendent. The idea is that you wear it at all times so that everyone who sees you knows that you are “a safe person” and entitled to be in that school district building. Of course, most of us don’t wear it all the time, because most of us work in only one location and everyone else who is in that location, kids and parents included, quickly learn who’s who.

But in my job, I actually do go to different locations. Not as often as a substitute teacher, or someone on the clerical spare board, of course, but often enough that I do need to wear my badge.

And now I’ve lost it and I’m supposed to go visit a special program at a different school tomorrow morning.

Again, just great.

Yes, I can get a new badge. If I want to reuse my previous photo, all I have to do is email someone in Human Resources and that person will create a new badge and send it out to my school. In a week. If I want a new photo, they are only taken between 3 and 4:30 pm on Tuesday afternoons at the Human Resources department. And then they will send create a new badge and send it out to my school. In two weeks.

Either way, I will not have a photo ID badge for tomorrow.

Maybe I should bring my most recent payslip and my passport so they let me in tomorrow?


5 responses to “ID-less

  1. Otherwise, go ID-less. It would make you even more mysterious and alluring.

  2. Can you fake one? Like the fake IDs we had to get into bars?

    • Fake ID? I certainly never had fake ID, oh no, not me, no way, so I wouldn’t have a clue about how to even begin to do that. (Also, I’ve never been in a bar. đŸ˜‰ )