Clippity clop

The weather has finally turned and it looks like we will have spring in my part of the world after all. Yesterday dawned sunny and warm, and this is supposed to continue all weekend and throughout most of next week. As I type this, it’s currently 23 degrees Celsius and I live pretty close to the beach, so it’ll be hotter the further inland you go.

So last night was the first night in a long time that I could have my bedroom window open. I still had a hard time falling asleep (insert shout out for menopause here), but at least air was circulating and I could breath comfortably.

Naturally, when windows are open, you hear all kinds of things that normally are inaudible or at least muffled. Like traffic. Or the pizza restaurant across the street. You quickly get used to it, though.

But what I will NEVER get used to is being woken up at 8 am on a Saturday morning – which is, by the way, one of the two days per week that I get to sleep in. This is important when you are a person such as myself, who is often wide awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night or who takes a couple of hours to actually fall asleep in the first place. I need to catch up on the sleep I am missing when either of those two situations occur. That would be three or four times each week. Roughly calculating, I estimate that I therefore need to catch up on maybe eight hours of missed sleep on the weekend.

Being rudely awoken at 8 am on a Saturday morning, no matter how beautiful said Saturday is shaping up to be, is NOT the way for me to catch up.

And what woke me up? My stupid next-door neighbour, that’s what. And how did he do that? He was outside in his back yard (which is next to my back yard, which my bedroom window overlooks) clipping his effing fingernails!
If there is one sound that I (possibly irrationally) detest, it is the clipping of fingernails. Aaarrrghh! I don’t even like hearing it when I’m doing it myself or getting my nails done at the salon. I mentally and physically cringe when I hear that sound.

And there was my cretin of a neighbour clipping his fingernails in his backyard at 8 am on a Saturday morning. Who the hell even DOES that?!? What a completely ridiculous thing to do! I can just imagine that his patio is a sea of ugly little fingernail clippings – gross! He probably does his effing toenails out there too – even more disgusting!

And think about this: my hearing is so very attuned to a sound that I hate so very much that it actually woke me up this morning.

Is that a feature or a glitch, do you think?images


12 responses to “Clippity clop

  1. You better close your windows early in the morning if your neighbor is going to make a habit of this. Who knows how quickly his nails grow?

    • Or I could get some earplugs. What I’d really like to do, though, is make his life so miserable that he moves to get away from the unbalanced woman next door to him. I’ll have to brainstorm some ideas for that … just in case I need them!

  2. Man, that is mighty loud nail clipping. Well, he could be doing worse things, I guess. As for truncated sleep. YOu and me both, babe, and obviously applies to our other sister, too. Hmm. Must be familial.

    • I may have been close to waking up anyway (although what sane person would wake up naturally at 8 am on a Saturday morning?!?), or maybe it was just extremely quiet outside so his clipping simply seemed a lot louder. Whatever – it bugs me a lot. I should go outside and clip MY nails when I’m awake at 4:30 am, see how HE likes it!

  3. You must have awfully good hearing, cuz really? Nail clipping, no matter how annoying is just not that loud. This said, maybe we could simply rip his nails out, then he’d have no need to clip.

    And yes, I believe the violent thoughts stem directly from the lack of sleep Yup. Unlike you, I fall asleep ok, I just wake up 5 times a night and take forever to fall back to sleep. This morning I woke at 4:30, waited for the alarm to ring at 6:00, snoozed it and promptly fell asleep… for a whole 9 minutes. F-ing menopause. (Le sigh)

    • You wake up 5 times a night?! That sucks hugely! However, it may work out to the same amount of time awake as I experience, because although I wake up only once usually, it’s 2-3 hours before I doze off again. Yep, effing menopause.

  4. His nail clipping must be LOUD!! And why would you do that on your porch anyway?! The mind boggles…

    • The only reason I have come up with so far is that he doesn’t like to clean up his clippings, so he goes outside where he figures he doesn’t have to. He is clearly oblivious to the noise and the fact that one of his neighbours finds it extremely annoying. Well, hopefully I do things to piss him off too, just to even things out!

  5. Oh yeah, that is very strange that you could even hear that sound!
    I personally shrivel inwards whenever I hear anyone crack their knuckles. Luckily I have not heard that from my bedroom windows.

    I thought you were going to rant about the birdsong…..

    • We had a taste of spring around Easter, but then the rains and lower temps returned. And I actually COULD rant about the damn birds starting to chirp at 3:30 am when it’s still dark – I am sometimes wide awake at that hour, but the sound of the birds has never woken me up. Weird: so I can hear nail clipping next door but not birdsong all around outside??

  6. You mean we had spring before you??