My kitchen renovation is now officially completed!

PG has put up the lights under the cabinets, and did an amazing job of drilling and fastening and magic to hide all the wires and making it all work:photo

He finally got that pesky corner cabinet contraption properly attached and I could finally put away all my liquor that has been strewn around my living room for just over a month (at least it was readily accessible when necessary!):photo

Then after much trial and error, he positioned the handle on the outside of that cabinet exactly where I wanted it – and it’s not even crooked (any more):photo

AND the newly-completed kitchen has been christened: I have had my very first dinner party in it! My guests were duly impressed and we all had a lot of fun that evening …

… but of course, the downside is that PG did all that finishing work AFTER the dinner party …


5 responses to “DONE!

  1. All you did was increase my kitchen envy. Looks splendid but since we did the patio I think it’ll have to wait for a while. You did a lovely job. Howcome I wasn’t invited to the dinner party?

    • Oh, don’t worry, there’s always another dinner party. In fact, there’s one this weekend. When is your first barbecue on the new patio?

  2. Lovely. I want a new kitchen!

    • All you have to do is think and whine about it for about five years, then just man up and get it all done professionally in one fell swoop, except for the last little bits that your lovely husband will finish up AFTER the grand unveiling to friends and family – or is that just me? (except the “husband” becomes “significant other” in my case)

      • Um, actually, I wouldn’t trust my lovely husband to finish anything up. I barely trust him to hammer a picture hook into the wall. Any more than he trusts me in the kitchen. This lack of trust on both our parts is a good thing.A very good thing.