Heavy sigh …

I wrote a post almost exactly two years ago, in April 2011, about my anger that another one of my friends had just been diagnosed with cancer. That made three in two and a half years, and I was just beside myself with fury at the time, I remember.

I just found out that one of those women has a recurrence of cancer. It’s in a different place and may be an entirely different kind or maybe it’s the original one metastasized. I don’t know. I really don’t know much at this point.

But I’m so, so sad. I just cannot believe that my friend and her family have to deal with this again. Why her? Why again? Why why why?

And if I’m in such shock, I cannot imagine what has been going through my friend’s head in the past couple of days. I know she needs time to process it all so I haven’t yet spoken to her, though I have talked to her husband. She left me a phone message where she sounded a little broken, but she was trying hard to regain her equilibrium. And once she knows exactly what’s going on and what her treatment will be, I know she’ll pull herself together and fight just as hard as she did two years ago.

And there will be a whole lot of people who love her standing right with her, cheering her on.


6 responses to “Heavy sigh …

  1. That’s really shitty. And, alas, it happens. We just lost a neighbor, a lovely lady after her second ‘visitation’ after the sonofabitch had lain in hiatus for about 5 years. But, it came back like the proverbial cat. So, heart goes out to you and your friend.

    • Thanks, Ian, and I’m sorry to hear about your neighbour. It’s doubly shitty that so many of us have stories like this, isn’t it? If we haven’t been hit by cancer ourselves, we all know a number of people who have been. Stupid effing disease!

  2. I’m so sorry. I wish there was something I could say.

  3. I have had to deal with this in a direct way in that my son had a very malignant form of cancer and in the end died of it. Some of life’s lessons are very hard, but must be born nevertheless. We all hope for a good outcome anyway. I hope your friend has a lot of fighting spirit but sometimes that’s not all it takes.

    • I’m so sorry about your son – that’s a much more difficult situation than mine. And you are absolutely right: we all hope for the best outcome but sadly, and despite everything we do, sometimes it’s just not to be. It’s still early for my friend even though this is her second bout, so there is still lots of optimism.