The light at the end of the tunnel

Well, happy Good Friday, people!

And it looks like it really is a good Friday in Pinklea-land, because as I sit here sequestered in my bedroom, my kitchen ceiling is being spray-painted. This is the last step in dealing with the upstairs toilet tank that leaked through to the kitchen ceiling. Later today I will have (almost) a brand new kitchen! At last!

Since we last spoke (metaphorically speaking, that is), the lovely new quartz countertop and the lovely new sink went in. See? Here’s the counter, breakfast bar and all, without the faucet.photo1

The next day, the plumber installed the lovely new faucet. And here’s what that looks like.: photo.2JPG

The plumber had to work around the drywall guy, who was at my house for almost ten hours yesterday. He put up drywall, mudded it, waited for it to dry, sanded it (mudding-waiting-sanding twice, by the way), and then added the texturing. It’s not one of those true “popcorn” ceilings, but it does have some – well, texture to it. He put in the long day, he said, because all he wanted to do today was the painting.

So while the drywall guy was working, my kitchen looked like this:photo

Nice, eh? For almost ten hours. Needless to say, there was no cooking yesterday. In fact, there was no food at all, other than what DD and I had squirreled away upstairs prior to the drywall guy’s arrival. We ordered pizza for dinner.

And he had to take down my beautiful new track lighting! “But I do need a kitchen light!” I wailed dramatically. No worries, I was told, you will not be left in dark overnight. So this is what he put up as a temporary measure:photo

Uh, yeah. It’s a light, all right. Bit of a step down from what I had two days ago, though.

Anyway, it’s almost done. I should be able to properly enjoy my new kitchen later this afternoon.

But we are going out for dinner tonight regardless.


12 responses to “The light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Oh how I love those counters!

    • Thank you. I’m quite pleased with them myself. It’s so nice when you envision something and it finally comes together (five years later, but still …).

  2. You got what you wanted in the end and I have to say that I like your counter very much and would not dare to spill anything on it such as red (blue?) grape juice. I don’t know if you are supposed to cook in a kitchen like that. I think it is only to look at and look pretty in.

    • You can’t really tell from my photos, but there are actually small flecks of all different colours in the white of the counter: blue, green, gold, pink. I am finding that this camouflages crumbs and tiny spills rather well – haven’t had any big ones yet! And I have to admit that I haven’t done much cooking in it yet (except for breakfasts), so right now, yes, I’m mostly just admiring it!

  3. It looks very shiny and pretty.

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner out.

    • Thanks Bevchen! I smile every time I walk into the kitchen now. And yes, we had a great dinner that night (it was an early Easter dinner at the home of friends).

  4. Looks fabulous, dear sister. Must be very gratifying to have it done. You have mighty fine taste. I think it runs in the family. I’ll post a pic when the patio is done.

    • Thanks Ian! This has been quite the two-week blitz of kitchen for sure, with the unexpected bonus of a partial ceiling replacement. There are still bits and pieces to complete (like that last cabinet door and then I decided that I wanted undercabinet lighting, both of which PG will put in), but the kitchen is essentially done. Yay!

  5. It all looks so bright and cheery!
    and I love that faucet. That is probably what I would chose, if I had that option to choose, and if I didn’t have a wall of overhead cupboards above the sink with doors that don’t stay shut on which I bang my head or arm when doing dishes because I don’t have a dishwasher.

    • It is very bright – and I actually worried about that when I chose the dark cabinets. Silly me with the south-facing windows! And you need to do something about those cabinet doors of yours before you injure yourself even more! (How are things with you, anyway?)

      • things (like my aching arm) are not good. the flu, however is all gone! I have taken a week off delivering the newspapers and will sit at a cottage with no internet or television and think about my future. Then I have a series of acupuncture appointments to attend when I get back. if it doesn’t heal, I may have to give up my massage career.

        • That doesn’t sound very encouraging, arm-wise and career-wise. 😦 Let’s hope the acupuncture works! (I’m doing it too, for my shoulder. We can share experiences!)