Carrying on …

Things have just been humming right along around here, both renovation- and repair-wise.

As scheduled, the cabinet refacing was done yesterday and it looks amazing! I am so happy with my choice! I can’t wait till the countertop and sink and faucet are installed – I’ve planned this for so long and I’m sure it’ll all look fantastic!

There was just one little issue: one of the cabinet doors couldn’t be put on, because of the corner cabinet pullout thingy that I have inside (yes, that actually is its technical name. I think.) You see, this corner cabinet pullout thingy attaches to the cabinet door, then when you open it, these two metal baskets come out, and two more metal baskets are pulled along from the nether-regions of the corner cabinet. I haven’t explained it very well at all, but hey, here’s a photo!photo
It’s a bit heavy, being solid metal and all, so it needs to be screwed quite firmly to the cabinet door. Problem was that the part of it that is actually screwed to the cabinet door was too low to reach the solid frame at the top of the cabinet door. The best solution the installers and I could determine was to get that piece lengthened so that it will reach the frame. That means a welder. Fortunately, PG knows a guy who does beautiful welding (his words, not mine. I didn’t even know that welding could be beautiful!), but this guy is taking the next two weeks off. PG will try to find someone else, but I can tell that he’d really rather that I waited the two weeks, just so the work will be done well. So maybe I will – if it doesn’t annoy me too much to not have the use of that cabinet. And equally fortunately, once we do have that longer piece, PG will be able to reattach the corner cabinet contraption (maybe that‘s what it’s really called?) and put that last cabinet door on.

So. This was my kitchen yesterday morning. photo

This was my kitchen yesterday afternoon. You’ll just have to imagine the new countertop, sink, and faucet for the time

And yes, after that, I did find a track light that I liked! It was in only the second lighting store that I visited, and it wasn’t even super-expensive. I played around with it last night to figure out what configuration I liked best, so I was ready for the restoration guy to come around today and do his thing.

Which he did, starting promptly at 9 am. And now my kitchen ceiling looks like this:photo

I don’t know how long it will look like this. I also have a honking big dehumidifier sitting in the kitchen, as well as two noisy industrial strength dryers, one also in the kitchen and the other in DD’s bathroom where the leaky toilet lives. These need to run for four days, non-stop. Someone will come by and pick them up on Monday – but I will be turning those suckers off in exactly four days: Sunday morning at 11:30! Therefore, at the earliest, it will be Monday before someone might put the new drywall up.

But at least I know that DD’s new non-leaky toilet will be installed tomorrow.

I also have lovely new cabinets and a lovely new light fixture in my kitchen, even though I have a big hole in the ceiling and it’s currently so noisy and breezy in there that I can’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen anyway.

I have home insurance, which will pay for most of the cost of the ceiling repairs.

And I do have savings and a job, so I will (eventually) be able to pay for all the rest.

Everyone I care about is in good health and my wonky right shoulder continues to very slowly improve. Very, very slowly.

You know, in these situations, you gotta remember to count your blessings!


10 responses to “Carrying on …

  1. I am loving your cabinets, and like Violet, I’m somewhat green with envy

  2. You would think they’d put on the new counter top before they would reface the cabinets. Doesn’t that sound more logical to you? Isn’t there a woman on this team?

    • I questioned that too, but I was told that it’s always done in this order. I believe it’s something to do with having a solid, permanent base on which to install the countertop. And it was a woman (the kitchen design person) who first informed me of this, ironically enough!

  3. Looking abfab dear. I am very impressed.

    • So am I, to be honest with you! I had this vision in my head of what it would look like, and it’s totally measuring up so far … well, except for the ceiling. That’s been a bit of a disappointment. 😉

  4. Your new kitchen looks lovely!

    • Thanks! So far, I’m really happy with it, and I’m really anxious to get those countertops in – and to have that problem cabinet door operational, as well as to have a proper ceiling again.

  5. Okay, now I am sitting here looking at your kitchen cabinets, then at my kitchen cabinets and feeling, well, a little sick with envy.

    • Yes, but look at it this way: you have saved yourself 5000$. Also, you probably don’t currently have a big hole cut out of your kitchen ceiling.