Reno … go!

imagesI bit the bullet and went back to the home reno store. This time – success!

A lovely woman called Joanne spent just over an hour with me, walking me through my various options in countertops, sinks, and faucets. She climbed up tall ladders to confirm prices for me. She checked flyers to see if the countertop I was most interested in was on sale (it was!). She showed me samples of the various countertop edges that were available. She helped me figure out the difference between 18 and 20 gauge sinks. She cautioned me about getting a really tall gooseneck faucet if there was a window whose view could possibly be blocked. She went over to get a shopping cart for me. She answered all my questions as best she could. She gave me her candid opinion when I wavered.

She didn’t even make me fork over the customary deposit when she gave me a sample of a quartz countertop to take home!

I went home with that sample, a new undermount sink, a very good idea of which kitchen faucet I wanted to purchase (the only reason I didn’t buy it right then and there was that I wanted to measure out whether or not the height of it would piss me off), AND an appointment a few days later for the countertop guy to come to my home and measure everything out.

The measurement process was quite fascinating to watch. Lots of computer work, lasers, tape measuring – and a lot more questions to be answered. Most of them, I hadn’t even considered – like what thickness did I want my new countertop? Huh?!? You mean I have a choice?!? (Actually, in the end, I didn’t have a choice, because I am not replacing the existing white backsplash, so the new countertop must be the same thickness as the old one.)

I am now waiting for the store to call me with the final price of the countertop itself, the removal and disposal of all the old stuff, the installation of all the new stuff, and the cost of the plumber to hook up the water the next day (this is what one does when getting a new undermount sink, so that everything can settle and adhere properly overnight before being exposed to water). In the meantime, I went back to return the countertop sample and to buy that gooseneck faucet that I wanted. Once I have the price and have actually paid, I am told that it will take two weeks to manufacture the countertop, so right now it looks like this will all work out time-wise: cabinets done on March 19, everything else shortly afterward, and all of it while I am on Spring Break!

So I’m pretty much ready to rock and roll here. My cabinets will be dark brown, my countertop will be widened to include a breakfast bar and will be white quartz with flecks of various colours including brown, gold, green, blue and (naturally) pink, my sink will be a little bigger and a little squarer and undermounted, my faucet will be chrome and goosenecked with a pull-out nozzle.

Oh yes, there will certainly be photos. Count on it!


7 responses to “Reno … go!

  1. Yay! Dontcha love the feeling when it finally comes together?

  2. Yes, you must definitely tell the store’s manager about the fantastic job Joanne did. And I thought you meant Reno, Nevada too. I can’t wait to see the photos of the completed kitchen. You have me very curious.

  3. Yep, I thought you meant Reno in Nevada to start off with! Will you contact Joanne’s manager at the store to say what an exemplary employee she is?

  4. When I first read your headline I thought you were off to that ‘other’ town in Nevada. What wonderful service. A little better, to say the least, than what we got in our Parksville Hotel. That’s great when you experience that. But, of ocurse, the final quote. Maybe make sure you’ve visited the restroom before you read it. As a postscript, if you go to my Hotel horror story I give you the name of the place to avoid, but here it is again: The Beach Club Resort.

    • You know, it never occurred to me that “Reno” was anything other than short for “Renovation” – shows you where my head is at lately! (And I will definitely NEVER go to The Beach Club Resort, no matter where my head is at)

  5. Hurrah! Everybody needs a Joanne!

    Looking forward to the photos.

    • Joanne was, hands down, THE most helpful salesperson I have dealt with in probably ten years. She clearly enjoys her job – and it shows! It’s nice to know that such people are out there, you just have to hunt a bit.