What’s new with me …

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Oh. Hi. It’s me, Pinklea. Hope you didn’t forget me!

L_TVYIZK8QmnyPVRbUgMegENwb1nu_5q18rLkzt-VX2hPlijf3SXvnRSvn1S1OIyj_3hmFA=s132I really don’t have much to say. Life is going on, as it does. I don’t have a whole lot to tell you, quite honestly.

Um … I’ve been sick. Not too sick to go to work or anything, but just not feeling well. Headaches and bodyaches and runny nose. Short tempered. Medication helped. I’m better now.

My shoulder still hurts. Not a whole lot and just certain movements. Like putting on my bra. Owww! Or flipping the back seats down in my car. Big owww! I’ve told my massage therapist that this is stupid, that after three months of treatment, I actually expected to be pretty much back to normal. He looked at me balefully and told me that three months was nothing in the grand scheme of things, that he had patients who took a whole year to get entirely better with an injury such as mine. That wasn’t exactly reassuring. At times, I think his bedside manner leaves something to be desired.

DD is seeing a career counsellor. It seems the career for which she trained for two years just doesn’t do it for her any more. Also, she is not currently getting paid enough to be able to afford to move out. This is a problem for her. (Don’t even ask me how I feel!) So DD has had one appointment already with this woman who assures her that with her qualifications and interests, there is going to be some career out there that interests her. And apparently, it is not that unusual to be only 25 years old and already looking for a brand new direction, and that nowadays, people are apt to change careers every five years or so anyway. DD has her second appointment this week. We shall see what the career counsellor comes up with as possibilities for her.

PG is going to put up a tire rack in my garage. It’ll probably go high up on the wall above the workbench. I won’t be able to reach it, which is really useful. I have always stored my winter tires in his warehouse, but he is looking to sell the warehouse in the next year or so, so he would like to start clearing out stuff. So I had to buy a tire rack. It’s not up yet, and my summer tires are currently leaning against a wall. It looks messy. It makes my garage look like – I don’t know – a messy garage, maybe.

I had a kitchen designer come in and look at my kitchen. The upshot is that I am getting all my cabinets refaced. It will cost me a cool 5000$ (including taxes and labour) but this is WAAAAAAY less expensive than getting all brand new cabinets. I cannot emphasize how many WAAAAAAYs less expensive this will be. My mother is still totally appalled at the price. I told her that my happiness is priceless, and that my happiness currently depends upon different cabinets. She sniffed at me and changed the subject.

Anyway, this refacing project will be done in March, while I am on Spring Break. I specifically asked for that, because I want to be there. I want to see how my money will be spent. And I want to make sure that the installers don’t wreck anything in my kitchen. I am just a little paranoid, I guess. After that, I have to pick out a new countertop: Laminate? Corian? Granite? Quartz? Who the hell knows? I just want it to look pretty. And not cost me another 5000$. I think I can keep the stainless steel sink I currently have, though I want to replace the faucet. The backsplash can also stay: it’s mostly white tiles, and those few that are this ugly gray-green colour can either be painted (yes! I’ve researched it, and it looks quite simple to do – if you have the right type of paint) or I can buy decals to stick over top of them (again, yes! I’ve researched it, and such decals do exist in a variety of designs and colours).

And then I will be happy with my kitchen. I will not be happy with my bank account (although I have been saving for this mini-reno, having whined about it for about five years now), but my kitchen will please me.

So that’s about it around here. Anything new with you???


5 responses to “What’s new with me …

  1. Oops I just read Ian’s comment. I guess I’m not alone…
    And yours. Yeah, if you want to undermount, laminate is not an option.
    I’ve been checking too. I HATE my kitchen.

    • I just found out that there IS a way to do an undermount sink with laminate – I even watched a YouTube video of a guy demonstrating how to do it! It does look rather labour-intensive, which equals more expensive, and somehow I doubt that my local home reno store will be offering this option.

      Oh – first world problems …

  2. I’ll probably go against everyone, but…laminate. Much cheaper, they have good looking stuff now and when you’re sick of it in 10 years time you won’t be obliged to keep it because it cost you your life savings.

  3. And you said you had nothing to say, pretty sister. You had a lot to say.

    We went through the same kitchen thing as you (still haven’t made any decision) but our hair stood on end when we got the quote for a complete makeoever. I mean, WTF, I’ve bought cars for much less than the quoted price. So we will probably reface like you’re doing, and five grand isn’t bad. Go for laminate counters. You can get stuff that looks like granite or marble ata fraction of the cost. Added to which granite is pretty unforgiving if you drop a dish or glass. Hope you are feeling better soon. Fraternally I worry about you a bit, I do.

    • Aw Big Brother, don’t worry about me, even a little bit! I’m really okay (other than being rather verbose, I guess). 🙂

      The kitchen designer said pretty much the same thing as you with regards to laminate: some looks quite identical to a stone countertop but is much cheaper and easier to maintain. But if I want my sink undermounted (which I kinda do), I apparently have to go with stone, as they can’t do the required type of edge with laminate. I’ll have to check more into that before I make my final decision.