Crappy frogs

I was assessing a little boy’s reading and writing in English this morning at work. He’s in French Immersion and in Grade 3. In my school district, that means that he has just started receiving formal instruction in English reading and writing this year. Prior to that, all his instruction was in French.

All this to say that even though the kid is eight years old, his English skills cannot possibly be where you might expect them to be, simply because his education has been mostly in French to this point of his young life. He will catch up, of course, but it takes a little time: studies show that French Immersion kids lag behind their unilingual English-track peers, particularly in spelling, for only a year or two.

Okay. So, that being said, I still had to snap a photo of part of the spelling test he did with me – after I sent him back to his classroom, of course.


One day, this little guy will learn how to correctly write the “ch” sound in English.

But today was not that day.


8 responses to “Crappy frogs

  1. Well, at least he’s really good in his verb tenses!

  2. I bet he’s just the most adorable little kid.

  3. Now that the frogs have shat we can all turn in for the night.

  4. LOL, love it! Even frogs gotta go sometimes…

    • And I never noticed at the time that he also spelled “the” as “teh” in the same sentence! What an internet-savvy (and possibly ironic) kid!