The beat goes on …

A day or so after the missing milk episode in the soap opera known as my life, it was a foggy morning. I had gotten up and gotten ready for work as usual, and I left the house a bit earlier than usual, thinking that I might need a few extra minutes for my commute because of the fog.

I got to work with no problems, congratulating myself on my great foresight and planning. As I entered the building and started down the l – o – n – g hallway to my classroom, I realized that something was off with my vision. Specifically, my left eye, the one that has the contact lens that corrects my distance vision. I couldn’t see the end of the hallway clearly, and I usually can. I figured there might be a smudge on the contact in question, so I thought I’d check it out when I got to my classroom. If there was an actual tear or something, I would have to put in one of the emergency contacts that I keep in my school bag.

Once settled in my classroom, I took out a pocket mirror and examined my eye. It looked fine, no redness or irritation apparent, so the contact itself was probably not actually damaged, perhaps just a bit smudgy, as I said. I fished around to get the contact out to have a good look at it. It wouldn’t budge. I kept trying. My eye reddened and watered. I took a closer look at it in the mirror. To my surprise, there didn’t seem to BE a contact in my right eye – which would explain why I couldn’t get it out.

I looked in my school bag to get my emergency contacts out. And guess what I didn’t HAVE in my school bag?

imagesSo, to recap: somehow, I had neglected to put BOTH contacts in my eyes that morning, and then I didn’t even notice as I was driving to work because the fog made everything in the distance blurry anyway. And who knows when I last checked to make sure that my emergency contacts were actually where they should be in case of emergency?

It was an interesting day vision-wise, to say the least.


9 responses to “The beat goes on …

  1. Oh, and two words (and a hyphen):


  2. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who’s brainless in the morning.

  3. That would be the equivalent to me not putting on my glasses and not bringing the extra pair. Boy, you really goofed up.

    • The thing is, I was once caught with no spare pair of contacts in my bag when one of them had a small rip on the edge and was hurting my eye. Ever since then, I have made sure that I always have emergency contacts in my bag.

      Except for that day.

      (And when I got home, I immediately put TWO extra pairs of contacts in my bag. Better late than never!)

  4. you are priceless.

  5. So, you’re saying you lost contact? Sorry, my sister, but I couldn’t resist.