Friday night crunch

My Friday nights these days aren’t usually very exciting.  Not like when I was a teenager and LIVED for Friday night!  No, at my slightly advanced age, I’m usually rather exhausted from a whole week of work.  And yes, I know I don’t do a physical job like some people (yes, PG, this means YOU), but hey, brain work can be tough too, not to mention constantly dodging small, rapidly-moving bodies as I try to get from Point A to Point B at my place of work.

So I usually come home from work and veg out on Friday afternoons. Sometimes I have the energy to go to the gym (not much lately, what with my shoulder and all), sometimes I go to the pub with a few of my good friends (again, not much lately. I think we’re all in detox since Christmas!). Lots of Fridays I don’t even cook, so we eat either take-out or cereal or toast. It’s only one day of the week, so who cares?

Many Friday nights, I go grocery shopping, too. This is often a desperation move, sometime between eight and nine o’clock, when it dawns on me that it is now officially the weekend and since I refuse to set foot in a crowded grocery store during the weekend and since my cupboards are pretty bare, I HAVE to get groceries tonight or eventually starve. Or give in and hit the local Safeway during the Sunday dinner hour lull.

Last Friday, I got home from work a little earlier than normal. I felt a little more energetic than usual. Not energetic enough to go to the gym (oh no, not that!), but enough that I actually made a proper dinner. On Thursday, I had already realized that my food supply was getting quite low, so I was all organized and had a rather long grocery list ready to go. I planned to do that right after dinner.

As dinner was simmering away, I decided to do some laundry. I was on a roll! I was being efficient! Yay me! We had enough for two loads, if I added the towels. By the time we’d cleared up after eating, the first load was in the dryer and the second load was in the washer. DD came with me and we went off to get the groceries.

About forty-five minutes later, we were back home and 235$ worth of groceries had been put away. DD checked the dryer and called down to me, “It’s not dry yet. I’ll start it again!”

Not dry yet? After forty-five minutes? This required investigation.

After a few minutes of poking around (because I am, of course, SO qualified to muck with my appliances), I determined that the drum in the dryer was not rotating. There was heat, but things were not drying properly because they were not being tumbled, so the sensor wasn’t able to sense the level of dampness correctly and turn the machine off when things were fully dry.

And this is the dryer I purchased last summer. In July. Delivered in August, to be precise. I’ve only had it for not quite five months. Surely it’s still under warranty???

This morning I called the appliance store’s service department. Yes, a very nice woman called Melissa informed me, the dryer is very much still under warranty. Unfortunately, she continued, because it’s a particular European brand, they don’t actually do the service on it, but they do have an authorized company who does. Even more unfortunately, that service company is closed this weekend. All she could do was email them immediately (I heard her typing away as we spoke), and they would call me Monday morning to schedule the service call. I thanked her and hung up.

imagesWhich leaves me with laundry festooned all over my house, as my drying rack isn’t big enough to hang everything I’d washed. That will be okay, but what will not be okay is the crunchy towels I will end up with. I HATE crunchy towels!

All this because I decided to liven up my Friday night by doing laundry.


10 responses to “Friday night crunch

  1. Oh I hate crunchy towels. Worst thing ever. Relatively speaking. Cause really, living in Afghanistan is probably worse than crunchy towels. Maybe.

    • Hey, I had a pretty good First World complaint going here, and you went and ruined it by bringing up something truly nasty like living in Afghanistan! Point taken … but I still HAAAAATE crunchy towels.

  2. oh, but the problem with fabric softener is tat it tends to ruin the drying quality of towels. or so I’ve heard – I don’t use it myself. I have to choose windy days to air my my towels.
    newer machines just aren’t made to last, though this is a bit extreme!
    I do wonder why service companies don’t work weekends. what is wrong with people woking a shift week?

    • This was a fairly expensive dryer, so you would think something like this wouldn’t happen. Hopefully it was just a one-off. And I was a bit surprised that the service company didn’t work weekends, too. I guess they expect most people to take time off work to hang around home and wait for them to show up – but I’m lucky, since DD still lives at home and she also works from home, so she’ll be there whenever they can come by to fix the dryer. Although I still haven’t heard from them to schedule that appointment …

  3. I have crunchy towels all the time because I air dry everything not being in possession of a clothes dryer. It helps if you use fabric softener. Just get the one that’s on sale. They all do a good job.

    • We had no dryer for much of my childhood, so I have some experience with both varieties of towels. I much prefer the non-crunchy ones, but after they’ve been used once or twice, it really doesn’t matter much, I don’t think. I just HAAAATE that first time!

  4. Always put off until tomorrow what you could do today. See, you paid for your sins. That’s disgraceful about the dryer. I remember when you got it. And you and me both on crunchy towels, hon’

    • I think it’s just that the belt that goes around the drum in the dryer has slipped off and the belt’s attached to something magical that makes the drum turn. I’m pretty sure that’s a fairly easy fix. I had that happen to one of my dryers in the past – but that dryer was something like 10 years old when that happened, so yeah, not too impressive for a 5 month old dryer. Still – anything for non-crunchy towels!

  5. Moral of the story? Never do laundry on a Friday night 😉