Take note, self

Yet another note to self:

Do not ever, under any circumstances, attempt to clean a computer keyboard with anything remotely resembling liquid. Even if it’s just a very small spray of water to moisten a paper towel with which to wipe the keys, do not do this. Just DON’T!

If you do, be prepared to face the fact that you have more than likely ruined that computer keyboard. Ruined it FOREVER. Check out the definition of “forever” in a dictionary: it means “eternally, always”. As in, the computer keyboard will never work again. As in, you will be forced to forage for an old, clunky, noisy keyboard to plug into your computer so that you can actually use the computer. As in, you will be pissed every time you have to type something, because the keyboard you now have to use is so old, clunky, and noisy.

Just learn to live with slightly smudgy keys on your computer keyboard. You will end up happier in the long run. jrHsK7O9_TTiKPrgSkjmSQomZuB6P9kmwhiJ5FrIYxP4FMOHSGFGuF_pcr3Mr821pwxCsw=s152

That is all.


7 responses to “Take note, self

  1. I use Lysol wipes on my keyboard at work now and again. Never had any problem.

  2. I am glad you posted this because I have been tempted to clean my keyboard the way you said not to. I have three sticky keys and will ignore them now. They are not ones I use a lot.

  3. Your work computer! Well, the hell with them, as long as it wasn’t yours. Hmm, I guess that’s not a very socially responsible attitude, now is it. Imagine if most people thought that way. Oops, they do. Advice well-taken, lovely sister.

  4. Ooops… I shall remember that!

    • The only good thing about this is that it was my work computer, so at least I’m not actually financially responsible. My principal won’t be happy with me, but if the keyboard I’m currently borrowing needs to go back to its mother computer, money will be found to buy me a new one. Just maybe not this year.

  5. I deeply regret getting a white keyboard……………

    • I’ve never had anything other than a white keyboard, both at work and at home. However, we do have black laptops at school for the kids’ use, and although it’s harder to see, they still get pretty scungy … and I have wiped THEM down with no further repercussions. Sigh …