Welcome back

School reopened today after a two-week Christmas break. I arrived bright and early, Starbucks latté in hand, wondering if I still remembered how to do this teaching thing. I stopped in the office to catch up with the secretaries and principal and anyone else who might wander through, looking just as discombobulated as I did.

I asked my principal how his holiday was. “Pretty lame,” he smiled. “Must be my age. How was yours?”

“Mine was kinda lame too,” I responded. “Nothing new or exciting, I just ate, drank and slept a lot.” I scowled at my latté. “In fact, I think I’m in withdrawal. Where’s the Bailey’s for my coffee?”

We both laughed. I moved on. Then he called me back.

“Hey, Pinklea! Look what I found on my desk! You should have it.”

photo And this is how I know that my principal really does understand me.

(And just to be clear, this is a mini-bottle, not the full-size version!)


8 responses to “Welcome back

  1. Keeping it in the cupboard is the problem. I find it is very smooth on the rocks too if you don’t let it water down. I am thirsty for some right now. I think it is as good as vanilla ice cream and that is saying a lot.

    • You are a woman after my own heart – and you know what’s REALLY REALLY good?!? Bailey’s on top of vanilla ice cream! That was our dessert after dinner last Saturday night! Om nom nom!

  2. I am kind of fond of Bailey’s myself. It is the one alcoholic drink that goes down real easy and makes me forget that I may get drunk. If I do, I don’t mind the hangover and would gladly have another shot in the morning. It’s a good thing that I rarely have any.

    • It does go down WAAAAAAY too easy, doesn’t it! I have to remind myself to be careful whenever I have Bailey’s around – but my friends and family seem to know I like it and often give it to me as a gift, so it seems I almost always have some in my cupboard.

  3. Too bad it’s a mini.

  4. You have a great principal 😀