Singing in the New Year

PG and I had our usual quiet New Year’s Eve: we went out for pizza, came home and watched TV, munched on junk food, toasted the arrival of 2013 with champagne at midnight. There was a lot of fast and furious texting around midnight too, and a fairly long and drawn-out conversation with my brother that ended about 1:30 am. We discussed the merits of real champagne versus sparkling wine for uncouth slobs like us, wondered who the hell were these bands performing at the various NYE shows on TV, and agreed that Ryan Seacrest is just a weiner.

I get along quite well with my brother. Obviously.

It was fairly quiet outside too, despite the fact that there is a pub across the street from PG’s building. I don’t think I even heard any fireworks in the city, but hey, we do live in the Vancouver area, and it’s not called “No-fun City” for nothing!

Anyway, I think I was fast asleep by 2 am, at the latest. PG is still coughing from his recent man-cold, so he had a harder time than I did to sleep. He tossed and turned a lot, and told me that he woke up every two hours or so. I told him that he, like most babies, probably just needed a feeding that often.

Sometimes PG just doesn’t appreciate my sense of humour.

But he got me back a few hours later when he totally woke me up from a very sound sleep. He made such a kerfuffle turning over and fluffing up his pillows and adjusting the duvet! Then he opened his little mouth and sang to me. Just three long, clear, beautiful notes. It was like a friendly wolf howling, going from low to high: “Ooooooo – ooooooo – ooooooo!”

Then, at that same higher pitch, he yelled at me. I don’t know exactly what he yelled, as it was completely unintelligible, but at least it was short in duration.

imagesPG continued to sleep, more peacefully now. I guess he got it out of his system – whatever it was. I just burst into laughter, very early on the first morning of 2013.

And I can’t think of a better way to ring in a New Year!


6 responses to “Singing in the New Year

  1. Awww. I want my boy to sing to me!

  2. I have to say, that sounds exactly like something my The Lovely Husband would do. Weirdly, he often sings quietly to himself while he’s trying to go to sleep. It’s a good job I find it endearing….

    • That IS kinda sweet about TLH singing himself to sleep – so reminiscent of childhood. I wouldn’t mind it either. However, the ironic thing about PG singing in his sleep is that he absolutely cannot carry a tune when he is awake! He’s just not musical at all and even taking piano lessons as a child was a bit of a disaster, as he recalls it.

  3. I like you, dear sister. You’re a lovely lady. I think I would have gotten an elbow in the ribs rather than laughter. Your NYE sounds just a teeny bit more exciting than ours in that you stayed up a bit later. To me it’s never been the same since Dick Clark went to the big Bandstand in the sky, so I say to hell with it. Have a blessed 2013, my dear.

    • Thanks, Big Brother! But really, the only reason we stayed up any later than you was probably because we had more champagne to finish. Although we only get a half-bottle, it does need to be savoured very slowly, so no guzzling allowed – even on New Year’s!