NOW what?!

In the continuing saga of my health, I have just recovered from my first cold of the season, complete with coughing “all night long, Mom! You didn’t stop hardly at ALL!” I don’t get colds too often (I think all these years of teaching have made my immune system pretty tough!), and when I do, they’re not usually too intense. They just seem to hang on a long time, and I’m rarely sick enough that I need to stay home. I’m usually able to pop some cold medicine and I’m good to go, so that’s what I did this time. Except apparently I couldn’t control my coughing while asleep. Sorry, DD!

My shoulder is slowly getting better with the weekly massage therapy. The guy just about annihilates me every time, but I keep going back because whatever he does, it’s working. Although my shoulder was feeling quite good after my massage early last week, I tweaked it a day later while attempting to put some dishes away on a high shelf. After my massage therapist gave me a stern talking-to for trying to do too much too soon, he spent a lot of time on a few trigger points at my appointment today. It hurt so much, but right now my shoulder is feeling very relaxed and non-throbby. No pain, no gain seems to be the message here.

And now I have just discovered – or rather, my doctor did, after I had a urinalysis last week – that I have a bladder infection. How I got that I don’t even want to speculate. I don’t think I’ve ever had one before, but I do know that they are extremely common in women. Maybe I’ve just been lucky and have dodged that bullet for years. Anyway, I didn’t experience any of the pain that is one of the usual symptoms of bladder infection, just a few of the more minor signs that needed to be investigated and could have been caused by a number of other issues. So now I’m on antibiotics for five days and I’ll be back at the doctor’s in two weeks.

Compare this to my 82-year-old mother who has completely recovered from her minor stroke last March and is now happily going for walks every day, going to social get-togethers in her building, as well as busily baking and preparing for Christmas already. She’s full of energy and feeling great, she says.

Well, I’m glad somebody in the family is.


6 responses to “NOW what?!

  1. Ah the joy that is a bladder infection. I get them so regularly that my doctor prescribed renewable antibiotics so I can get it under control as soon as it starts.
    And this so far week I’ve had 6 vials of blood taken and still need to get a bone density test and an ultrasound. Not to mention a load of other tests. Damn, I hate getting old.

    • Wow – you are definitely ahead (behind?) me in the health stakes then! Also, I hope this is all routine stuff for une femme d’un certain âge and that they’re not looking into anything in particular with you.

  2. Poor baby, and I mean this seriously and compassinately and with no smartass jokes, dear sister. You’ve had a rough go of it of late and may you soon be restored to brimming health. Now, follow all the directives you are given and take care of yourself.

    • Thanks, Ian. The worst part of all this is that my whole life I’ve always been so healthy, with nary even a visit to an emergency room. It’s like the universe is getting back at me for all those good years! Well, as you’ve said before, ageing sucks.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Colds seem to be especially horrid this winter.

    • This one wasn’t too bad at all, fortunately, and aside from a some residual coughing and blowing my nose, I seem to have recovered quickly. But it’s only November – more colds to come, possibly!