Go forth and shop

I saw the following sign at one of the mini-malls near where I live, and thought it was quite appropriate for a mall:

(If you can’t read it and are too lazy to embiggen it, it reads “No loitering. Proceed quickly to your next shopping experience.”

Hmmm. Interesting.

Get moving, people! Isn’t Christmas coming up in about five weeks?!


6 responses to “Go forth and shop

  1. I am going shopping this friday and I have already shopped on line and wrapped presents. I said I would not let them make me crazy but I am a victim of the madness also and I like it.

    • You’re going away for Christmas though, so you have to do your shopping early. You get special permission this year! 😉 Oh – and I hope you haven’t wrapped the gifts that you’re taking on the plane with you. Customs will likely unwrap them so see what they are and if they’ll let you take them into the country (yes, I’ve had that happen to me!).

  2. Who was running that mini-mall, the Nazi Party? It’d give me a huge incentive to loiter — maybe even lurk, and possibly loll. I’d certainly want to tarry.