Grey matters

DD found her first grey hair not too long ago. She was, naturally, horrified. She is a mere 25 years old, you see. How awful to find out that you are actually aging at such a young age!

What also upset her was the length of the hair – really long. DD has hair down to the middle of her back, and this rogue grey hair had obviously been there for a while, and she hadn’t ever noticed it … which makes me wonder about her apparently lousy observation skills. She, however, attributed it to the fact that her hair is a light brown colour, with a few natural blonde strands, so unless seen a particular light, a grey hair might appear to be blonde. That may be true. Possibly.

Anyway, what did DD do when she found this grey hair? After her initial shock wore off a bit, she simply yanked it out.

As you do.

And then she felt much better when she went to the liquor store later that day and was asked for ID. Her hair may have started to think she’s getting old, but it seemed that the liquor store cashier doesn’t agree.

And that’s a good thing, because the way DD was feeling that day, she just might have whacked the poor cashier upside the head if he hadn’t thought that perhaps she was too young to purchase liquor!


12 responses to “Grey matters

  1. I started going grey in my early 20s and dyed my hair until my mid 40s. Then I got sick of the amount of upkeep and the expense and just let my hair go grey.

    • I’m sure I’ll get tired of having my hair coloured at some point – but not just yet. I’ve always maintained that I’m getting older kicking and screaming!

  2. I bet that was just a stray gray hair and that I won’t come back for ages. She should have actually left it there as a point of interest. Gray hairs also lighten up your hair overall and give it that light sheen. I speak from experience. I’ve never been so blonde.

    • DD has the skin tone to pull off blonde very well, I believe, but she would rather go dark, almost black, she tells me. So, in her mind, that grey hair had to go!

  3. I remember a friend of mine who starting finding grey hairs in her early 20s – she used it as an excuse to go wild with colours and style. She was into punk at the time, now decades later, her hair is still short and spikey but a nice shade of silvery grey. She has the right skin tone to pull it off though.
    On an interesting note, I started colouring my hair when it went all brassy and grey, now people think I look better with my red hair than my original blonde (with summery red highlights when it was in the mood)

    • I have a friend who is also a natural blonde, and everyone thought she looked fabulous as a redhead too (she was trying on wigs at the time). Maybe something in a blonde’s skin tone changes as she ages and red hair becomes quite flattering?

  4. I got my first grey hair at 16 and my 17 year old found a grey hair on her head recently, so 25 is good! I hadn’t heard that grey was the new trend. Is it the new blond? Well then, that would make me a natural blond!

    • I don’t remember when I found my first grey hair, but I do remember pulling them out as I found them when I was in my late twenties and early thirties. I don’t think I could do that now: either my arm would fall off from exhaustion or I’d be bald!

  5. See, it’s all in the perspective. My great grandmother had brown hair until her death when she was 80 and she resented being accused of dying her hair. And, of course, some women look dazzling with grey. As I say, it’s all in the perspective.

    • Apparently grey hair is quite trendy right now in some circles. But from what I’ve seen, that’s only on twenty- or thirty-somethings who dye their hair all colours of the rainbow anyway. I think an entire head of silvery-grey looks great too – but genetically speaking, I don’t think I’ll be that lucky. ( Unless I emulate the twenty- or thirty-somethings, I suppose.)

  6. Poor DD! Maybe that’s why I like dying my hair so much.. no risk of spotting any grey ones!

    • I know what you mean: I’ve been having my hair coloured for so many years that I really have no idea how much grey I have at this point (a lot more than one lone strand, that’s for sure!).