Rubbed down and wiped out

I had my first therapeutic massage yesterday.

Oh VioletSky, why didn’t you warn me?

Today I feel like a truck hit me. I slept like a rock last night and I’m still tired now. My shoulder is sore to even touch – and my masseur told me that he would go easy on me because it was my first time. (Okay, okay, if you want, insert your own joke here. I’m not going to do it!)

I have to say that I was a little apprehensive going in. I’ve only ever had massages at spas, and I was pretty sure that this would be quite different. I am used to coming out of massage treatments feeling warm and relaxed and perfumed and really good. I came out of this one exhausted and wondering if this constant discomfort and at times, sharp pain, was going to be worth it.

He vigorously rubbed and pushed and pulled and stuck what seemed like his whole body weight onto my poor shoulder. He moved my arm here and there and – ow! – even out to there. He said that I would probably hate him while he was working on me, but that I would like him a lot more in a day or two. He kept saying, “Are you okay? Just let me know.” I kept saying, often through gritted teeth, “That hu-u-u-urts!”

But damn, I can painlessly move my right arm sideways just about out to shoulder height today.

Just don’t touch me.

(And glutton for punishment that I seem to be, I’ve already booked my next massage.)


12 responses to “Rubbed down and wiped out

  1. I love a good “real” massage. The ones that hurt – I’m a masochist like that. I’m really not big on the “fluffy” spa massages.

    • Jazz – I think each type of massage has its place. That being said, I think prefer the “fluffy” spa ones, because if I have to have a “real” one, I now know that means that I’ve previously hurt myself and that there will be additional pain before I get better. And I don’t like pain!

  2. I wonder if there is sonething else the matter that the massage is aggrevating. Have you had a thorough check up?

    • My last physical was in August, and everything was fine. But I have had a second massage treatment since then, and I must say that there was much less discomfort this time, so it must be doing some good!

  3. Pain sucks big time and so does aging! We’ll have to share war stories next time we meet. I hope your shoulder feels better soon. xox

  4. It sounds both awful and amazing. Seems like it worked though, despite the hit by a truck thing.

  5. I always warn my patients after their first massage that they might feel as if they’d been run over by a truck. or not. everyone responds differently. it is normal, nothing to worry about, so I am glad you have booked a second tx. it will not be as dramatic, but will not be as painful either.
    Personally, I might have gone easier on you for your first time, too. but then I am a gentle sort. slow and deep is my method.

    • My masseur did say that I may “feel it” the next day, and I guess I thought that meant that my shoulder would be a bit achy, or something. I certainly didn’t expect to feel like this – but I’m glad to know that it’s a pretty normal way to feel. I’m already sort-of looking forward to my next massage, especially if, as you say, it’ll be easier on me and I’ll still see results. So if the worst is over, bring it on!

  6. Moi? Make a suggestive innuendo? You know I would never do that. Anyway, you’re my sister so that would be in dubious taste. But seriously, it seems like you might have hit on something here with the massage and it just might be taking you where you want to be. Fingers crossed for you, my dear. You’ve been suffering quite long enough.

    • Since when have you ever worried about being in dubious taste?! (If you did, I’d wonder who you were and what you had done with Ian!) But yes, it does appear that massage could be the way to relief for me. And as they say, no pain, no gain.