Pain sucks

So how long does this bursitis thing actually last? It’s been two weeks, and I’ve had enough. I’m ready to move on to my next adventure, hopefully one that doesn’t involve pain. This not being able to fully move my right arm up or out is really cramping my style!

Here’s a list of some of the things that I can’t do very well right now:

– put on / take off a bra / t-shirt/ coat / sweater
– pull my pants on and zip them up
– hang anything up in my closet
– paint my toenails
– wash / brush / blow dry / flat-iron my hair
– shave my right armpit
– hug someone
– get anything on the top shelf of the fridge
– put dishes away in the top cupboards
– vacuum
– shift my car effortlessly
– open a car door when I am a passenger
– put on a seatbelt properly
– carry anything that weighs more than about 3 grams with my right hand for more than about 3 seconds

Of course, I am right-handed, so I normally do most of these things with my right hand, which is complicating my life a fair bit at this time.

All I have been able to do in the way of exercise for the past two weeks is go for power walks – and naturally, the rain has been relentless most days. Yes, I know I can still walk in the rain, but I’m not sure if I could hold an umbrella for any length of time with that right arm. Also, if I should slip on the wet leaves, I would probably injure myself even more by either crashing right down or ripping my arm right out of its socket as I tried to save myself. Not fun.

Then there’s the pain I wasn’t anticipating. Shoulder pain when I move my arm in a certain way, okay. As lousy as that is, I understand that, and I can try to avoid those movements. Fine. But why does my bicep ache so much when I’m doing absolutely nothing with my arm? Why is my wrist throbbing when I’m laying on the couch watching TV? Why can’t I find an arm position where it doesn’t hurt? Why is my neck so sore?

I am told that the inflamed bursa in my shoulder is compressing nerves, and that is the cause of some of this frequent additional pain. I’m tensing some of my muscles as well as compensating for some movements that I can’t do properly right now, so I’m told that that is causing me some extra pain, too. I’ve also noticed that every time I do my stretching or have a chiropractic treatment, the throbbing is worse. Ice helps, as does Advil, but that ache keeps coming back.

Despite all this, I am getting better, though. I am gradually, very gradually, lifting my arm just a wee bit higher every day. I can keep the arm up just a wee bit longer every day. The shoulder pain when I do this is just a wee bit less every day. If I think about what I was like two weeks ago, it is obvious that things are improving.

I just didn’t think I would still be this hurty after two weeks! I was really expecting that my shoulder would be just fine at this point!

And yet, I can still function reasonably well, all things considered. I’m taking longer to do some things, and some things I have given up entirely for the duration, but I am still working and playing and doing what I can. I am sleeping without too much trouble. I’m truly not incapacitated – I’m just bitchy.

How many more weeks do I have to deal with this???

Time for more Advil and ice.



11 responses to “Pain sucks

  1. That sucks. And blows. And everything in between. But it will get better. Until then, have PG hang up your clothes and do your nails.

  2. There are exercisis you can do especially for your shoulder to regain the movement and to loosen it up. Day by day it should get better. Ask your physical therapist about these. Have you seen a manual therapist?

  3. Just a gesture of friendship, of course. We help each other. Nah, you’re right, some others just might not understand.

  4. Well, you’ll just have to have somebody help you take off your bra (heh-heh). Sorry, but I simply couldn’t resist and I certainly don’t mean to make light of the pain you’re going through. I found, for fear of being distasteful, that there was one very personal sanitary function that I had a difficult time accommodating without considerable pain. But, as you say, it is improving and may it be gone soon.

    • You’re not volunteering, are you, Big Brother??? Wendy might not be too amenable to that – and PG just might take you down! šŸ˜€

  5. Pain isn’t fun! I used to suffer from intolerable back pain until my chiropractor from AECC Chiropractor Clinic recommended that I try Yoga. It’s such a good way of dealing with the pain, it gets your mind and body in a good place.

    • I’ve been doing Pilates for just over a year now (which my instructor says is basically yoga without the mind stuff) and I agree: it’s been wonderful for my lower back! It doesn’t seem to have done much to prevent this bursitis thing from flaring up, unfortunately. šŸ˜¦

  6. Pain DOES suck. I hope you recover soon.