Administrate THIS!

We have a new administrator at school this year, and this has taken some getting used to. This person is fairly new to the job, and seems to be trying to make their mark with the school board. They are sticking their nose into just about everything that has been running quite well for the six years that I have been at my school, and probably long before then, as well. This person is constantly making “suggestions” that we do things a different way, particularly in my area of specialty, which is learning support for kids who are having difficulties in reading. I’ve been feeling quite micro-managed, and for a person who has been doing her job for thirty some-odd years and is also rather headstrong and stubborn (who, me?!), this is not a good combination.

I did keep my negative thoughts to myself, then a few started to leak out with a few trusted colleagues, and lo and behold, they were feeling just as annoyed as I was! In fact, I ending up going out for dinner with one of the women I work with, and we discovered that we have very similar teaching philosophies and that we both mightily resent our new administrator’s meddling ways. We ended up deciding that the situation bugged us enough that we thought we should sit down with this administrator and find out what their view on teaching is, and see if we can come to some compromise – or at least some understanding.

Naturally, we have not yet done this (the best-laid plans …), but did it ever feel good to connect with a like-minded person! And since she and I had that talk, I just feel so much lighter and less bothered! Everything that administrator has said or done since then has just rolled off my back – except for when they suggested that we have some additional meetings to our regular twice-monthly ones. There was silence in the room. WTF??? I thought. I’m the one who gets the requests for discussion items at those meetings. I’m the one who sets the agenda. I’m the one who takes the notes. I’m the one who distributes the notes and ensures that the necessary paperwork gets done and sent to the right places. I’m the effing chairperson – it’s pretty much my effing meeting!

I took a deep breath and said, “No, I’m not in favour of that. I’m already busy, and I really can’t do more than two big meetings a month.” My like-minded pal said, “I’m not going to be here on that first day you suggested anyway – I have a doctor’s appointment.” Everyone else around the table – four or five people – said absolutely nothing.

The administrator gracefully backed down and there will be no additional meetings …

… unless I hand over my binder with all the meeting information in it and let that administrator take over as chairperson.

Which is not effing likely.

I am a bit of a control freak, I’m told.


6 responses to “Administrate THIS!

  1. A lot can be said and decided upon in a short discussion. Who needs meetings? They are a waste of everybody’s time.

  2. Lord how I hate meetings. What a monumental waste of time!

    • Ditto. Email me instead. Then I can rant about how stupid the suggestion is in the privacy of my classroom or at home. Much more efficient.

  3. Control freak, pshaw. I think your attitude is wonderful and the world needs more like you. I like you very much, my sister, and I know you and I would get along like a house on fire since we share many, many attitudes. And a new boss, out to change the world. That is always stressful.

    • You and I are definitely like souls – and our sister Jazz back east, too! And having the chutzpah to tell it like it is, sometimes even to a superior at work, is one of the good things about getting older, don’t you think?