Coffee break

Note to self: when trying to buy a vanilla latté at a coffee place, make sure you use a giftcard from that particular coffee place, not one from a competitor. The barista may not say it aloud, but you just know she’s thinking, “How can anybody be so STUPID? The name of the other coffee shop is RIGHT THERE on the card! Can’t she bloody READ? I can’t believe that she’s actually allowed out alone, poor idiot!”

Still, I slunk out of there a few minutes later clutching my latté, having ended up paying cash.

I just may never have the guts to go back.


7 responses to “Coffee break

  1. Ooops, I think staying away til the incident has been forgotten is definitely the right policy!

  2. Sometimes coffee is the only destination needed. Really, I do understand. Sorry I haven’t been around but I am so pissed off with WP at the moment for rendering me unable to post pictures that I haven’t hung around the site much. But, I’ve been missing the people I love, so here I am.

    • Yeah, you’re certainly having some issues, aren’t you? Maybe a double espresso would help?? Or maybe a grenade lobbed into WP headquarters??

  3. And then they charge an arm and a leg for the coffee too. No wonder you were so eager to use the gift card. I’d go incognito the next time.

    • As a teacher, I get a lot of gift cards from my students as Christmas and end-of-the-year presents. It actually takes me many months to use them all up – I mean, it’s October now, and I’ve still got those two cards in my wallet!

  4. I think it just goes to prove that you REALLY need your coffee.

    • But I don’t think I do need it, not really. I go grab a vanilla latté on my way to work maybe once a month, only because I’m picking up 4 litres of milk for work, and that particular coffee shop is right next door, so I sometimes treat myself. But until I’m over the embarrassment, I’ll be treating myself even less now.