My new hobby

I don’t actually mind doing laundry. Of course, it’s never really done, it’s more that’s it’s temporarily kept at bay, but doing laundry is not one of those household chores that I try to put off as long as I can. I mean, I don’t have an unlimited supply of clothes, and I do like to be clean, so there you go. Laundry must be done.

I have a laundry closet, not a whole room like bigger houses have. My washer and dryer are stackables, one on top of the other, and they came with the house. The house was built in 1998, so they are 14 years old – or I should say, they were. I have now purchased a new stackable washer and dryer.

I did a fair bit of research prior to the actual purchase, and decided that I wanted a front-loading washer. Now I know that these have been around forever in most parts of the world except North America, but they are now quite popular here as well. According to what I read, front-loaders are much more gentle on clothes and also use much less water and detergent. Sounds good to me!

I wanted my new washer and dryer to be white (which is harder and harder to get, by the way. Everyone is on the stainless steel train, it seems. I just don’t like the industrial look of stainless steel, plus it shows fingerprints WAAAY too much for my liking. So white it is for me.). Because of this, they were on back-order and I had to wait almost four weeks for them to be delivered. But they are here now, and I’m quite pleased with them.

My laundry closet is at the top of the stairs to the second floor of my house. When I first moved here, I thought it was weird to have the laundry upstairs rather than downstairs near the kitchen or even in the basement, but now I find it quite convenient. After all, where are most of your clothes kept? Upstairs in the bedrooms, of course. I do very little hauling of things that require washing up and down stairs now, which is a very good thing in my book.

So for the first few washes I did in my new front-loading washer, I left the closet bifold door open. I sat at the top of the stairs and watched the laundry process through the window of the washing machine. Kind of like watching TV, it was. I was fascinated by how little water is actually used and how little sudsing action there is. I was interested in the fact that the laundry goes around one way for a bit, then the other, then it stops for a while, then starts up again. When it’s time to rinse and spin, it almost sounds like a jet engine taking off and the drum spins around at something like 1200 revolutions per minute. It shakes the house – and then it stops quite abruptly. The items in the machine are barely damp by the end of the cycle, having been spun that fast. This cuts down drying time, which is also a good thing, since the entire wash cycle can take just over an hour, depending upon the setting.

So even though I have always kind-of liked doing laundry, I cannot believe that I am now so incredibly intrigued by doing laundry! What has happened to me?! This is crazy!

I think I need to get out of the house more.


8 responses to “My new hobby

  1. Well as an owner of a stainless washer and dryer and other appliances, I love them. They are easy to wipe down if they have fingerprints and they don’t show that badly – this is an old wive’s tale. Anyhow I’ve done my “rah! rah!” for stainless.
    I too used to watch my laundry when I first got a front loader. My machine actually has a light that you can turn on for better viewing. I’ve even sat in the dark and turned on the washer light to watch it!! Am I sick???

  2. I don’t mind doing washing – the machine does most of the work and I get to feel good because I’ve actually done something useful with my time – but I’ve never gone as far as to be intrigued by the laundry process. Mind you, I’ve had front loading washing machines all my life. Oh, and I agree – white appliances all the way!

  3. I have a front loader and I like doing laundry also. It’s my all time favorite job and I like hanging up the laundry to dry. I do notice that the washing gets much cleaner than it used to in my top loader. I enjoy handling clean, barely damp laundry. God, I sound like a housewife, don’t I?

    • There really is something satisfying about getting the laundry done properly, isn’t there? It just feels like all is right in the world!

  4. I recently got a front loader after my machine had been leaking for 6 months… I found it really annoying to spend so much money on a washer/dryer cause really, is there anything less exciting to buy (this said, like you I really don’t mind doing laundry – it’s not like you’re hand washing with a washboard). I found it amazing a) how quiet the thing is and b) how dry the clothes is coming out of the washer.

    Oh, and for the record, I’m a fan of white appliances too. I think stainless is the Harvest Gold or Avocado of the early 21st century.

  5. I remember when I lived in Holland and being fascinated by the washing machine process – how was it possible to take so long?
    And, I immediately thought what a wonderful idea to have laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms. In Holland, they are usually in the washroom, which makes sense to me.
    We have front loaders in our building and I do not like them. Nothing seems to get as clean as I think it should – but then maybe they want you to spend that extra 25cents for the ‘superwash’.

    • I’m not noticing any appreciable difference in the cleanliness of my clothes with the front loader, but I do think they come out less stretched out and/or twisted as with a top loader, so they’ll probably last longer. Maybe I should report back on that in a year or so?