An inauspicious start

It was back to school today.

Yee haw.

In my classroom, my computer is somehow no longer connected to the internet and my printer is no longer working (maybe because of the lack of internet?). I can’t really do very much without the internet or a functioning printer.

I was also under the impression that I was getting a new desktop computer over the summer, so I had decluttered and deleted and reorganized and backed up information on USB keys. All for naught. There is no new desktop. Just my seven-year-old eMac that is not connected to the internet. And a huge printer that is taking up space but doesn’t print – and when it does, it’s extremely noisy.

AND the furnace in my classroom, which was broken last June, is now “repaired”. Instead of constantly blowing hot air, it is now constantly blowing cold air.


Welcome to the 2012-13 school year.

(At least the kids were wonderful, full of energy, and happy to be back. If it wasn’t for them, the warm sunny weather, and the lovely lunch that our administrators provided for us, this day would have been a complete write-off for me!)


6 responses to “An inauspicious start

  1. See that’s the thing about being off for a couple of months. When you work in an office none of this takes you by surprise because its a full time thing.

    • I know – first world problems, right? It could be SO much worse! I just need to count my blessings, fix myself a cocktail and get out there to enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Cute graphics.
    Did someone lose their calendar? It is not as if the first day of school was a surprise.

    • You know, this is the first year in a long time that I wasn’t looking forward to going back. Usually around mid-August I’m getting antsy and anticipating the start of school, but this year, I don’t know why, I just didn’t feel ready. Maybe my summer was way too fabulous this year?

  3. May it all rectify soon, Sweetie. I was thinking of you yesterday at the kick-off to the season, as it were.

    • It’s already getting better: the IT guy was in today and diagnosed the Internet problem (he didn’t fix it yet, but at least he knows what it is!) and my new desktop Mac has arrived and is sitting in a box in the principal’s office, waiting to be catalogued and set up. Also, I’ve since discovered that it’s not just MY printer that isn’t functioning, it’s ALL the printers in the school – which makes me feel marginally better.