A disturbance in the force

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I live across the street from a pizza parlour. It’s open “till late” every night, according to their brochure. In the summer, when we all have our windows open, we sometimes hear a fair bit of noisy talk around closing time, I think from the employees cleaning up or else customers leaving. It will often wake me up, but it doesn’t usually last more than fifteen minutes or so, so it’s not a big deal. Besides, as I say, when it happens, it’s a Friday or Saturday night and I can sleep in the next morning anyway.

Not this time.

Yesterday was Sunday, to the best of my knowledge. Meaning that today is Monday, a work day. Okay, not for me (yet), but traditionally, many, many people go to work on Monday morning. So the pizza restaurant was open “till late”. It was a warm night, being August and all. At 12:30 a.m., the noise began.

At first, it seemed to be two men talking very loudly. I’d been reading in bed till maybe midnight and I wasn’t fully asleep yet, so I heard them and they prevented me from drifting off entirely. In fact, I got up and looked out my window to see what the hell was going on, they were so noisy. But it was just two guys having an extremely animated conversation. I returned to bed, anticipating that the two were employees taking a quick break before completing their nightly cleanup and that they would soon go back inside, or else that they were customers and they would soon hop into their cars and leave.

Oh no, they did not. They talked – yelled! – on, and on, and on. And I couldn’t sleep because they were so effing loud. Around 3:30 a.m., I got up and looked out the window again. Now there were three of them. Obviously, this was a noise marathon. I snarkily slid my window shut and went back to bed, preferring to take my chances with a warm and stuffy bedroom. I could still hear them, though not as clearly as before. I eventually fell asleep.

This morning, I crankily related this story to DD. She’d heard them too, and her bedroom is on the other side of the house! DD sleeps like a log, so if even she was disturbed by these a-holes, you know their voices were exceptionally boisterous.

Okay, once in a while on a Friday or Saturday night I can take. Everybody makes a little noise sometimes. But Sunday night? Till at least 3 effing 30 in the morning??

So, I am going over to have a word with the manager of that pizza restaurant this afternoon. Even if they weren’t his employees, he needs to be aware that some of his customers are disturbing the sleep of a lot of people in the neighbourhood, people who are also his customers and a few of whom just might no longer be his customers if things don’t quieten down.

Just when I was getting the hang of this sleeping all night thing again, too.


7 responses to “A disturbance in the force

  1. Some people are such inconsiderate, oblivious jerks! 3:30am!! Next time I’d call the cops right away.

  2. I hope you DID complain, cos that kind of behave is just not on!

    • I certainly did complain politely to the manager. He was apologetic, but his excuses were that it was customers not employees (so I asked him sweetly to please tell all his employees to be aware of and discourage such behaviour), that he wasn’t working that night (ditto), and that those noisy customers were only there till 3 a.m., not 3:30 (I said it really didn’t matter, it was still far too late to be making such a racket on a Sunday night/ Monday morning). And last night all was quiet!

  3. Sons of bitches. I just hate that sort of lack of consideration. We just have a park across the street, but a few times the young rowdies gather to piss it up at 2 in the morning, including girls who don’t look any more than 14. They have parents?? Anyway, we’ve had to call the cops a few times.

    • That’s crappy, too. And no, they don’t have parents as we understand the term. They just live with these adults who contributed to their genetic makeup but who are now trying desperately to be their friends, not their parents. (Cynical? Who, me?)

  4. No pizza parlour across my street (just a church – they tend to keep the noise down), but last week the people across the alley had a party. On Wednesday night. They woke me at 12:30, they woke me at 1:30, and just when I was about to tell them to shut the fuck up at about 2:30, the cops came around. Jeesus people, it’s WEDNESDAY, ok Thursday morning… Gah!