Ahhh – summer!

I just realized that I am finally, FINALLY in true holiday mode. I guess it’s about time – it’s mid-August and I have not worked since the end of June.

I have actually been rather busy throughout the summer. I have gone on a lovely trip with PG, which was not exactly a relaxing resort-type vacation, but more of a “Let’s go see this! And this! And then this!”. All in temperatures in the high 30s C.

And when I came home, it was a quick girls’ shopping-and-casino weekend. Then my car needed servicing. I bought a new washer and dryer (which were back-ordered and have not yet been delivered – I’ll keep you posted). There was a dental checkup. There was a pedicure. There have been two manicures. There has been a haircut. There have been shopping and doctor appointments for my mom. There have been a few social engagements with various friends and family. PG and I have done a few daytrips and have discovered a couple of amazing restaurants that we didn’t know existed. There have been two weeks of the Summer Olympic Games to watch on TV, plus lots of reruns of “What Not to Wear”, “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Location Location Location” and “Househunters”. I have painted my powder room and downstairs hallway. I have cooked and cleaned as I normally do. I have baked, for crying out loud!

And in the next two weeks, there will be a spa weekend with BFJ (Look out! More hijinks will no doubt ensue!), an afternoon of drinks with the wimmin (what happens at the pub, stays at the pub), a doctor visit (annual physical – bleah!), a chiropractor visit (this time my shoulder is a little wonky), a day in court (not me – I’ll be there to support my friend who is going through an exceptionally nasty divorce), and a two-day workshop on dealing with emotionally sensitive children (just in case I forgot that I actually have a job to go back to on September 4).

But right now, I’m very laid-back. It’s hot and sunny outside, my flowers are blooming with riotous abandon (I read that phrase somewhere sometime and I always wanted to use it myself. Now I have, so I can tick that off the bucket list.) and I’m actually remembering to water everything in my tiny garden. I’m sleeping very well lately and I’m rising early for some strange reason (but I don’t really mind, even though it’s the summer). I’m wandering through my days, not feeling stressed in the least. There are no “shoulds” in my brain at the moment. I am aware that I am enjoying my summer very much. I am waxing philosophical, even!

I also still have some money in my bank account. Unusually, there is no August money panic at this time.

And that just may account for much of my serenity.


8 responses to “Ahhh – summer!

  1. I am blaming all aberrations on menopause. It is very handy.

  2. I am not sure I could handle any job that takes six weeks of holiday time to unwind from. but you have been a busy little bunny, haven’t you?!

    • Yes, this has been a bit unusual for me: normally I’m sleeping till noon and able to do pretty much nothing all day right as soon as my vacation starts! I do hope this is just a glitch and not a menopausal thing!!!

  3. So, dear sister, you now deserve to live the rest of your summer with ‘riotous abandon’, though I don’t want to be reading about you in the paper. Yes, and when I left teaching for newspaper work I sure as hell missed that two months of freedom.

  4. I shoulda been a teacher.

    • I love teaching, but like with any career, there are a number of negatives too. Two months off in the summer is not one of them, though!