All my bags are packed …

Well, no, not really they’re not. I’ve got clothes strewn all over my bedroom, my passport somewhere in the pile, toiletries piled on my bathroom counter, laundry on the go just in case I want to bring THAT particular top. There’s an envelope stuffed with American cash, a file folder stuffed with flight and hotel information and confirmations, two travel guide books, a ziploc bag of laundry detergent powder, and a folding umbrella laying on my bedroom floor.

And I haven’t even gotten my suitcase out yet.

PG and I are jetting off to Boston tomorrow morning, you see. We’ll have to be at the airport at stupid o’clock, driven there by DD who is already whining, “But I don’t know where to go! What if I take the wrong turnoff? Do I have to actually park the car or can I just drop you off? Where do you pay for parking anyway?” So far, the plan is that I’ll go pick him up tonight so that we don’t have to leave the house even earlier tomorrow morning to go get him then. That may change, depending upon some financial meeting he’s got happening this evening. Also, he was planning to do his laundry this evening, and who knows how long that will take.

I am planning to do carry-on baggage this time. I’m pretty sure that my suitcase is of the correct dimensions to do this, and with my track record of luggage not arriving at the same time as I do, I think this may be the wiser option. So I’m zoning out over the 100 ml liquid and gel containers that are permitted in carry-on and whether or not I can fit them into the little clear plastic bag that is supposed to hold them all. And is my little clear plastic bag the right size? I think it may be a little bigger than specifically allowed, but come on, are the airport security people actually going to measure it? I don’t think so, but I’m still concerned about it.

Boston and Philadelphia will be hot. They are hot right now. Philadelphia will be muggier than Boston, as Boston is on the coast and Philadelphia is not. Therefore, I will be wearing summer skirts and tanktops and sturdy flipflops. I think. What if my new flipflops suddenly hate my feet? I’ve already worn them a lot and they’ve been fine, but perhaps I should bring my other ones too? And my black flats, so comfy to travel in but three years old already, so if they’re going to rip open somewhere, during a vacation is as good a time as any. Or maybe my old Teva walking sandals? They’re so old and clunky – does anyone even wear that kind any more? And why do I even CARE?

Sigh. I’ll be fine. Really. I’ve traveled a lot, and I have a pretty good idea of what to bring on this type of vacation and how to pack it all. Honestly, I do. I just seem to need to go through a whole day of this fussing and worrying and debating and second-guessing myself. I do it every time, and every time, things work out just fine … except for my suitcase not always arriving at my destination with me, but I may be definitively eliminating that possibility this trip.

So – see you in two weeks! I’m outta here!


5 responses to “All my bags are packed …

  1. Have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Don’t forget to throw in the obligatory Travel Stress Dream! I just booked a long-distant flight to New Zealand and spent all my sleeping hours on a plane, decamped in Fiji for a seven-hour layover in the dark. I hate myself when I dream. Have a good trip. I lived in Boston for a few years and loved it just fine. Even taking the Freedom Trail (it’s in any brochure) is fun an free and interesting.

  3. Have a wonderful time my wonderful friend. I understand the temps in Boston are hovering in the low thousands right now. My advice, go commando, but most people ignore that reasoned suggestion. Anyway, to show my high regard for you I just gave you an award and you can find it at my latest blog. Sorry, no money involved.

  4. Don’t worry about the baggie – they have those at the airport (I took several for future use) and then nobody even asked to see it even though the signs were still up.

    Have a great time.

  5. I loathe packing, but it’s worth it just to get away. Have a great vacation!