Inquiring minds

Last night the Los Angeles Kings beat the New Jersey Devils 6 to 1 to win the 2011-12 Stanley Cup. It wasn’t a very good hockey game, really (particularly from the Devils’ viewpoint) and I watched it rather haphazardly.

What I found more interesting was that not even five minutes after the final horn blew and the celebrations began on my TV, there were fire engine sirens right outside my door.

There were two firetrucks, and they appeared to be going to a house a few doors down from mine. I went out to my front balcony to watch, while other neighbours gathered in driveways. There was no smoke (well, except from those neighbours who took this opportunity to have a cigarette or three – practically right under my balcony so that their smelly smoke drifted upward to me!), and no urgency on the part of the firefighters. They milled around for almost an hour, their trucks running the whole time, blocking many people’s access to their garages. But they didn’t appear to actually DO anything related to fire-fighting or to a medical emergency – and it likely wasn’t the latter, as no ambulance ever showed up. Eventually, all we lookie-loos returned to our homes, and I never did find out what had happened.

So of course, my imagination is taking over.

Was somebody that pissed off that the Kings won the game that they set their house on fire?

Or were they that happy that the Kings won the game that they set their house on fire? (Some cultures do celebrate with fire, I bet.)

Did someone’s TV catch on fire because they were flipping channels so rapidly between the hockey game and some reality show like “Cake Boss”?

Did the homeowners wait until the game was over before calling 911? (If they did, that was stupid, because the game was already decided in the first period, when the Kings were ahead 3-0.)

Or did they call earlier, and after ascertaining that it wasn’t a huge, life-threatening emergency, the firefighters said, “Yeah, okay, we’ll drop by after the game”?

I suppose I’ll never know … unless it’s in the local paper tomorrow.


3 responses to “Inquiring minds

  1. Did you think that maybe the homeowner set himself on fire? Duh!!

  2. oh dear. surely there is that one person in your complex who seems to know everything that goes on??
    I like the way your mind wanders… 🙂

    • VioletSky – Yes, there’s actually a few of those people, and of course they were watching the proceedings long after I gave up and went back inside to play Angry Birds. Or maybe it was Mah Jong? Perhaps I was actually working on my report cards? Wait – what were we talking about??