So it’s June now. Or as we are calling it around these parts, June-uary. It’s fricking COLD out there! And it’s been raining more on than off, with more forecast to come for the next week. And likely the week after that, too. Maybe all the way till Fall, which is when it REALLY starts raining on the Wet Coast.

I don’t know why this is even worth talking about. It’s not like this is unusual weather for late spring for this part of the world. In fact, I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of years where the weather has been warm and sunny in May and June. (I can, but I won’t. It’s too depressing.) I mean, this IS a rain forest. It’s called a rain forest for a reason: rain. Of course there are always exceptions, but this is pretty normal weather for this time of year – maybe a degree or two cooler, but it’s pretty normal, generally speaking.

And not just because it’s gray and damp outside, but simply because it’s June, I’m thinking more and more about the summer, too. We have four more weeks of school to go, so things are beginning to wind down with the elementary school set. Most kids are still working fairly well, thanks to the absence of warm and sunny weather, but we all know the end is near.

I have planned what I hope will be great summer trip for PG and I. I don’t know if you remember, but when we decided to take a road trip down the California coast last summer, I tried hard but couldn’t resist my natural inclinations to plan and organize. So this year, I suggested a trip that I could plan and organize to my heart’s content, a trip that actually REQUIRES a lot of planning and organization. PG liked my trip idea, and is perfectly happy to let me do my thing and present him with basically an itinerary for twelve days of his life.

So: we are going to Boston and Philadelphia in July. Neither of us have been to either city, and both of us quite appreciate history. Being Canadian, I don’t know a great deal about American history, but I have done some research, and these two cities seem to be great places to learn all about it. We’ll be flying into Boston, taking the train to Philadelphia, then flying home from there. I’ve booked heritage-type bed & breakfast hotels and have made copious lists of what I want to see. I think it will be a most successful trip, and I’m really looking forward to it. I think PG is too, but he’s not quite as – um – ebullient as I am, so he really hasn’t said much about it.

And since it’s June-uary here, I’ve been religiously checking the weather in Boston and Philadelphia every day. “It’s the East Coast, it’s hot there in July – maybe muggy, but it’s hot,” I keep telling myself. “No rain! Perhaps the occasional thunderstorm, but no rain!”

However, according to my weather app, right now in Boston, it’s 10 degrees Celsius and raining. In Philadelphia, it’s 16 degrees C and raining. Where I live in Vancouver, it’s 14 degrees C … and raining.

I tell ya, this concept of June-uary is spreading rapidly across the continent.

Beware, June-uary may be coming soon to a city near you, too!


6 responses to “June-uary

  1. Well, it’s been Juneuary in Montreal since early May…. When I see pics on blogs of kids in their pools I just wanna cry. I need to move to Arizona.

    • I know! It literally doesn’t make sense to me why people would even have a pool – it’s always too cool and/or rainy for outdoor swimming/lounging poolside in my world. Yes, Arizona would be lovely: hot and dry. Mmmmmm …

  2. We’re having shitey weather here too – although we did have a week of amazing temperatures (up to about 28 degrees C!) in mid-March, so I think that was probably our summer. We now appear to be in Autumn…

    • That’s exactly what it feels like: Autumn – with little hope of warmer, sunny weather ahead, only more gray skies, rain, and cool temperatures. We’d better get used to it, I think. It’s just going to be this way now. 😦

  3. You and me both on the weather and I don’t accept the comments from the perpetually cheery that go “Oh, it’s always cold in June.” To which I think a while bunch of words that would not be acceptable here. I hate it. I’m a warm weather guy. Your trip, BTW, sounds very intriguing. Like you, I haven’t been to those parts either. We, however, are going to get our heat fix by taking a Hawaiian Island cruise in September.

    • mrwriteon – I’m a warm weather gal myself but only because I’m usually so damn cold regardless of the actual temperature outdoors, so being in a warm place gives me a fighting chance at maintaining a normal body temperature myself. I don’t actually mind cold weather or rain, I just don’t like feeling cold. A Hawaiian Island cruise sounds great – and warm! I really like cruising. I must do it again one of these years!