My favourite month

I love the month of May. I always have. Lots of good things happen in May.

For one thing, the weather is usually pretty nice. Except for the past couple of years. And this year has been a late spring, too. But I do remember many, many Mays where it was sunny and warm and I could wear sundresses and sandals every day. And this has been a stretch of four lovely days. Not much, but I’ll take it.

DD was born in May. That makes it a nice month for me – and for her, I suppose. She was actually supposed to arrive in June, but she made her début a month early, just a week after I had stopped working. She was quite tiny, and other than a bit of jaundice, she was healthy. She spent her first eight days of life in a hospital incubator, wearing wee cloth sunglasses to protect her newborn eyes. I got to stay the whole time in the hospital with her – meals served to me, no responsibility other than gazing in awe at my baby, lots of chatting with other new moms, mini-classes on babycare – I enjoyed it immensely! That would never happen now, would it? Now it’s pop ’em out, check ’em out, send ’em home.

Work is usually good in May, too. The kids are well-trained and still working well. They wind down in June, of course, which is a horrible month in which to teach … not that much teaching can actually happen then. But in May, they are still eager to learn and the summer is still a whole month or so away – which is an eternity to an elementary-school-aged kid. Most of them can’t really imagine that far ahead, so they just carry on as usual. I hear it’s quite different with the teenage crowd, though. But I don’t teach them, do I?

There’s also a lot of days off for me in May. There’s the Victoria Day stat holiday, then my school district also has two professional development days. I’ve taught in a number of schools that have their Sports Days during May, which is almost like a day off. However, at the school I am currently in, we will be doing our Sports Day in June. (Something about better weather?)

In addition, I had to take a sick day yesterday to take my mom to the doctor (and before you complain, yes, we teachers are permitted to use sick days for medical appointments, and I doubt anybody would say I’m misusing a sick day to accompany my 82-year-old mother to see her doctor, would they?). After her appointment, I also took her on a few errands that she’d been saving up for me, then when I returned home in the late afternoon, I got to enjoy my little backyard.

I gazed out at my newly-planted flowers:

I discovered a few surprise flowers on the pathway to the back gate:

And I admired my beautiful purple toes, too:

May can’t get much better than that, can it?


6 responses to “My favourite month

  1. Hey! My toenails are the same colour! Cool. Glad you got to enjoy your Mayday 🙂

  2. Yay for purple toes. They match the surprise flowers.

  3. Thank you for the views of your garden and your tootsies. I like girly toes, and I’ll go no further on that topic. I too love the month of May and if it’s a good one it’s arguably the best damn month of the year.

    • mrwriteon – I don’t often have purple toes, so I figured that merited a photo and a mention. I tend to gravitate towards a variety of pink shades on my toes (I know, quelle surprise!), with the occasional dark blue thrown in for fun.