Mmm mmm good …

PG and I were cruising around in his new Porsche yesterday – you know, just trying it out. It’s a lot more refined than his other Porsche, and unlike his other Porsche, this one isn’t currently broken. I like it.

Anyway, we were doing a day-trip, and had to stop for gas in a small town. PG being PG, then announced that he was ready for lunch so we should also find somewhere to eat while we were in this small town. I think it had been two hours since we’d had a very large breakfast of Kahlua-blueberry pancakes (my own creation, thank you very much!), so naturally, the man was ravenous.

So we found a likely-looking pub and strolled in. We ordered our drinks and started to peruse the food menu. I just about choked when I saw this:

Needless to say, we did NOT order the wonton.


6 responses to “Mmm mmm good …

  1. Haha, this reminds me of the mis-translations that are always being sent around on the translator community 😉

    • bevchen – I just wonder how long the menu has been like this. I mean, has no one ever noticed before??? (or maybe it’s actually supposed to say “crap”!)

  2. But it’s delish, dear, if only you tried it.

  3. Well, it might have been, um… interesting.