My mother called me Sunday morning – yes, the mother whose last phone call to me was at 6:30 on a Thursday morning to ask me to come over because it turned out that she’d had a small stroke. Fortunately, this call was at a much more palatable hour. In fact, PG and I were just about to head out the door for breakfast at our favourite little Sunday morning spot.

“You called me last night,” Mom announced. “At midnight. You woke me up, then I checked and saw that it was you who called. I called you back right away, but you didn’t answer, so I left a message. You didn’t call back, so I didn’t sleep all night. Are you and DD okay???”

Huh? I called my mother at midnight? And I didn’t even have the decency to leave a message – or return her call?

I hastened to assure her, first of all, that both DD and I were just fine. And then I assured her that I most definitely did not call her, and that there was no way I would call her at that hour anyway.

She insisted that I did, and that, naturally, all night she’d been imagining all sorts of horrible scenarios since I hadn’t called back.

Well, naturally. Anybody would react that way. But my 82-year-old mom, who’s recently had a stroke and has only been home from the hospital for about 10 days? How could I DO that to her?

Except I didn’t. Not on purpose, anyway. I checked my phone, and sure enough, everything she’d said happened actually did happen. I guess I must have pocket-dialed her while putting my phone in my bag or something (or more properly “purse-dialed” her). I still can’t see how I did it, because I would have had to tap to open my phone, then tap the phone button, then tap some other button that dialed her. I had spoken to her earlier on Saturday morning, so her number was there on my “recent calls” list as well as being in my list of contacts. That’s three separate buttons I would have had to tap. It seems fairly far-fetched to me, but apparently, that is what I did.

My poor, long-suffering mother. I apologized over and over again, trying to explain how I thought it might have happened, but I don’t think she understands this mobile phone technology stuff. All she knows is that I disturbed her sleep and caused her to worry. She already distrusts my phone: she says it always sounds echo-y and she can never hear everything that I say, so this will give her another reason to dislike it.

But I suppose it could be worse. PG once pocket-dialed 911. The 911 operator called him back and upon learning that he was fine and hadn’t intended to call emergency services at all, scolded him so severely that he claims that he will never call 911 again, not even on purpose.

So I’d better hope that if I’m ever in trouble, that I’m not with him, because he won’t call 911 for help!


10 responses to “Misdial

  1. My phone thankfully locks itself automatically so I have to unlock every time I want to use it. A nuisance, yes, but far better than when I used to pocket people all the time.

    • VioletSky – That is exactly what I am going to have to do. I’m just afraid that I’ll forget the password to open it!

  2. You see. Yet another reason to curse mobiles. That sort of thing never happened with old rotary dial phones when you were on a 3 party line, now did it?

    • mrwriteon – But my iPhone looks so pre-e-e-e-e-tty! I can’t live withou-ou-ou-ou-out it now! (you’ll have to imagine the whiny tone of my voice)

  3. Technology, schmeknology. No reason we shouldn’t just call the operator and have her call up whoever we want. 😉

    But wait! I just realized ! The iPhone, an Apple product is not perfect? Oh my, I must revise my whole concept of how the universe works.

    • Jazz – I know, right? With the incessant PR about Apple products, you would think they were flawless in every single aspect. Well, I can attest to the fact that they are NOT. I love all my Apple things, but they are most certainly NOT perfect.

  4. I don’t understand… doesn’t it have a screen lock? I thought all phones have screen locks?

    • Nicky – Oh, it has a screen lock, all right. I just don’t use it. Too much hassle, I told myself. But compared to the hassle of inadvertently phoning my mom at midnight and how I’ll hear about this forever now – well, that seems pretty minimal now! Screen lock it is!

  5. Do you have an iPhone? Because mine will do this, especially if I put it down on a surface just a teensy bit harder than normal. A couple of weeks ago it rang the vet for me because I put the phone on my side table. And a few days later it apparently rang my sister-in-law because she rang me back and I answered her call in bemusement. Modern technology, eh?

    • Mrs Jones – Yep, it’s an iPhone. I did a bit of research and this is something that they, and all other touch-tone mobiles, do on occasion. I’m not as unique as I thought I was!