Home again

DD and I brought Mom home from the hospital yesterday and settled her back in. The first thing the three of us did was have a celebratory shot of rye, because that is the way of our people. When good things happen, we have a shot of rye. When bad things happen, we have a shot of rye. When we are feeling ill, we have a shot of rye. When visitors show up, we have a shot of rye. When we need a little pick-me-up during the day, we have a shot of rye.

No, I don’t think we drink too much in my family – why do you ask?

Anyway, Mom is extremely happy to be home, and is looking forward, she said, to the peace and quiet. Hospitals are busy, noisy places, after all. Ironically, not really where you want to be if you’re recovering from an illness. DD and I made sure there was food in the house (and made dinner for her so that there would be leftovers for a couple of days), did her laundry (she wanted every single item of clothing that she’d had at the hospital washed so that there were no “hospital germs” in her home), picked up and organized her new prescriptions, and stood guard while she had a very l-o-n-g shower in her own bathroom. We even watched curling on TV with her all afternoon! That’s how fond we are of the tough old bird known as my mother!

We left her alone early in the evening, promising to drop by again today. She waved us cheerily out the door, already looking ahead to her evening television viewing – some old black-and-white movie dating from the 1940s. She loves old movies, Mom does. She loves her big screen HD TV. And she loves her alone time. So the sooner we were out of there, the better, I’ll bet she was thinking!

Before we go over to see her today, we are heading to the passport office to hand in our renewal forms and hideous photos and to fork over a large amount of money – if we’ve done everything correctly.

I think I’d better have a shot of rye. Or two.


10 responses to “Home again

  1. The shot of rye thing sounds like my kind of people! 😉

  2. Oh my lord. I’ve only just caught up with all your goings on. I am so sorry your poor mum has been in the wars. You must all be exhausted. I am glad she is home now, and sorry I wasn’t there for moral support while it was all kicking off. Love to you all.xx

  3. …a Scottish doctor. hahaha
    I was rye and dry on alliterative exclamations.

  4. It’s all good. Happy with how things are going and I bet she’s very happy to be back from the hospital. Not fun places to be and noted for the paucity of available shots of rye. And actually she’s smart to get all of her hospital duds washed. Those superbugs are pervasive and awful.

    • mrwriteon – I actually asked one of the doctors if I could bring some rye in for Mom and the answer was, “As long as she’s only having an ounce or so a day, sure, why not?” But then, that was a Scottish doctor …

      • What a fine attitude, indeed a bonny one. But, since he was a Scot he should have demanded that you bring in Glenfiddich and share some with him.

  5. I am pleased as punch.

  6. Yay your mom. I’ll have a shot of rye to celebrate.