Another worry

Things are calming down to a quiet roar in Pinklea-land. My mother continues to progress well and it looks like she’ll be released from the hospital this week, possibly Wednesday. We’ll find out for sure tomorrow, I think. She was able to come home for a visit on the weekend, just to see how she would manage with a walker in her own home. While she was happily ensconced in front of her own big screen HD TV, watching golf and chowing down on an Uncle-burger from A&W, my brother and sister-in-law phoned her and that perked her up even more.

Today is Mom’s 82nd birthday, and although it’s not exactly wonderful to celebrate one’s birthday in the hospital, DD and I still tried to make it fun for her. We brought her cards and a small gift and mini cupcakes, complete with a burning candle for her to blow out. We even sang “happy birthday” to her. I think she liked that we made a bit of a fuss over her birthday – who wouldn’t? A number of my aunts and uncles emailed me to convey their best wishes to her for a happy birthday and a speedy recovery, which of course I did.

So with Mom on the mend and things now humming along reasonably well in that area of my life, naturally I have a new worry.

I need to renew my passport. This means the dreaded passport photo, a.k.a. the how-awful-can-a-person-possibly-look picture, this year complete with the extra horror of “What do you MEAN I have to brush my fringe off my face?! I ALWAYS have my fringe hanging down almost to my eyebrows! I CAN’T brush my fringe completely off my face and look anything like me, never mind a sentient human creature! My hair just doesn’t DO that! I just CAN’T!!! N – O – O – O!!!

Pray for me. Please.


13 responses to “Another worry

  1. I didn’t know about the ‘hair off the face’ rule.
    I wouldn’t worry – I once coloured my hair after getting my photo taken (from blonde to red) and I couldn’t see how it looked anything like me. Also they make you take your glasses off for the photo, and I make a point of wearing mine at the border just to make the CBSA (or US equivalent) work harder.

  2. I figure not that many people will see the passport photo, so who cares. And then there is always the fact that if you’re going someplace good that means you’ve been on the plane for hours & hours, so the worse the passport photo looks, the more it will look like you after an all night flight.

    Lastly, here’s the advice my mom always gives on stuff like this: who cares…it’s not like you know these people or are going to see them again. She’s got a good point!

  3. I’m so glad to hear your mom is doing well. As for the passport picture, don’t worry about it… since they made it a rule that your hair has to be out of your face and your not allowed to smile even a little bit, everybody looks like they’re being booked for drunk and disorderly in their passports! As long as your vacation pictures turn out, that’s all that matters 🙂

  4. I love the picture!
    I have to get a new passport as well, and it’s soooo complicated! Because I’m applying from abroad, I have to prove I’m entitled to a British passport. The form asked me for the date my parents got married! They’ve been divorced since I was 5… how should I know!?

    • bevchen – And what if your parents had never even been married?! That seems like a weird question to ask on a passport application, but bureaucracy has its own rules and regulations that don’t always make much sense to the rest of us.

      • I think in that case you can just leave it blank? I asked my mum, so after nearly 29 years I now finally know when my parents got married!

  5. And, sweetie-pie, if you are renewing your passport it means you are planning to go somewhere and what could be wrong with that. If anybody deserves a fab vacation (other than me) then it’s assuredly you. You’ve had a lousy few months so go somwhere wonderful and then gloatingly tell us about it.

    • mrwriteon – I do have a vacation destination in mind, but it’s still in the very early stages of planning, as I’m not sure if it’s going to pan out yet. (Send all inquiries to PG, care of this blog!)

  6. Sweetie, it’s just a passport photo. I’m at the point where I’m hoping each will look worse than the last. It’s become a point of honour. It’s impossible to look good, so might as well look as bad as possible.

    • Jazz – That’s a healthy attitude to have. I’m just not there yet: I’m still pissed that we can’t even smile in those photos!

  7. Life Is Ducky

    You could bike to the photography place, like I did, and get stuck with a pink-cheeked, sweaty faced, with a bicycle helmet line on your forehead photo for the next five years … no? 😉