A kinda pointless post

So far, this has been a – um … day. Just a day.

PG and I went out for breakfast. As we gazed out the window, waiting for our food (because why on earth would we talk to each other?), it started to snow. I know that’s not a big deal to Easterners, but to those of us around Vancouver, that’s odd weather for February. Our flowers are budding, for heaven’s sake!

We also watched every single car that passed our vantage point drive right through the same stop sign, at varying speeds. Even a police car went through that stop sign. So maybe it wasn’t really a stop sign, maybe it was more of a “well, stop if you feel like it, or you can just slow down maybe, or ignore it, it doesn’t really matter” sign.

Less than an hour later, the sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly enough to warrant the wearing of sunglasses.

PG had to go to work then, so I headed off to buy new towels and mats for two bathrooms. Did you know that you can spend 400$ on these items? Me neither. (And I would have bought more, but I just couldn’t find the right shade of raspberry pink, despite stopping at two different stores. You’d think these store owners would know what a great colour raspberry pink is and would stock towels and mats in that colour. I need to email someone…)

On my way home, I had to ditch the sunglasses because I was driving into a major snowstorm. That was exciting. It slowed down a bit as I got closer to home. As I write this, a couple of hours later, the snow has completely melted and it’s bright and sunny again.

Anyway, as I pulled into my garage two hours ago, the oil light went on in my car. As you may recall, my car tells me when she wants something, but I don’t always understand her. This time it was quite clear: she would like a drink of oil, please.

I checked my car supply shelf in the garage. No oil. Lots of windshield washer fluid, but no oil. Off I went to the automotive shop around the corner to purchase a few litres of oil. My car likes synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is nearly twice as expensive as regular oil. Fortunately, she doesn’t get these cravings often.

I came home and poured the oil in (and around – I couldn’t see all that clearly in the garage) the correct receptacle (I don’t know what it’s actually called! Receptacle is as good a word as any, isn’t it?). I shut the hood and went to put the oil container on the shelf. And there was another half-full container of synthetic oil. Apparently it had just been magically transported to the shelf. How else to explain that it obviously hadn’t been there fifteen minutes earlier? Whatever actually happened there, now I have two half-full containers of synthetic oil – slightly different weights, of course, so I can’t amalgamate them into one container.

And now I’m actively not watching the Oscars. I only ever watch for the dresses anyway, and I can google that information later tonight.

Like I said, just a day. I probably shouldn’t even blog about it. I don’t really have anything interesting to say, do I?

But I do have lots of synthetic oil, if you need any.


12 responses to “A kinda pointless post

  1. Yes! Synthetic oil! πŸ˜‰

    Apart from the car shenanigans, it sounds like a pretty good day. πŸ™‚

    • Pauline – If I was thinking economics, I would still go for the real stuff, as it’s so much cheaper. But thinking environment and long-term sustainability, I guess it has to be synthetic. (Though I suppose it would be best to not even own a car, right? Unfortunately, not an option in my suburban neighbourhood. 😦 )

  2. FYI: : I believe it’s called an oil-filler-dealy.

    And raspberry pink is a truly fine color, soothing, yet rich in its way. And it is a hue that so suits your nom-de-plume.

    • Oil-filler-dealy. That’s so much more descriptive than “receptacle”. I like it. And not only does raspberry pink suit someone nicknamed Pinklea, I also think I look quite smashing when I wear it, brown-eyed brunette that I am. (But then, I’ve never met a pink I didn’t like.)

  3. Receptacle is a fantastic word!

    • It is, but I’m just not sure it was also the actual technical term that I required there. And where was Porsche Guy when I needed him?! He calls himself a gearhead, so he should always be close by when I need some automotive information clarified – and I don’t care that he was out working at the time, either!

  4. Your flowers are budding? I don’t know whether I should just feel envious or whether I can actually muster the energy to sort of hate you.

    • Yeah, the crocuses are out in a lot of places and it looks like the daffodils won’t be far behind. It’s not my fault, honestly! πŸ˜‰

  5. It was just a nice pleasant post of nothing complicated at all. Sometimes we need that too. That’s how life should be all the time.

    • I honestly don’t know whatever possessed me to even write it! But parts of my life are quite complicated right now, so you may be right in that I just needed to write down some mundane, everyday stuff today … print therapy, I guess!