A new look

First of all, I want to apologize. Right now. I’m sorry. Please don’t think too badly of me.

For what am I apologizing, you might ask?

Go ahead, ask away!

Oh. You are asking. Sorry. Again.

Well, you know I got this new iPhone, right? And you know how I haven’t been too impressed with it as a phone so far, right?

Till now. It’s starting to win me over because my calls (as few and far between as they are) are sounding just fine now and are not being dropped. For three days now. Because I got a case for it. Somehow, putting a case on my iPhone has made it toe the line. To pay attention. To send and receive properly, loud and clear and without static and every single time since Tuesday.

So I may not have to go in to my local Apple store and kick up a fuss. This pleases me – and also those people who have suffered with me, either because of crappy call quality while talking to me on the phone or because I have whined at them since I got the phone (PG, DD, and my very patient mother).

All of which is lovely, but I’m not apologizing for that.

No, what I’m sorry about is that because I am so enamoured of the iPhone as a toy/ entertainment centre/ way to keep me off the streets that I have found and downloaded the WordPress app. Now I can update my blog from my phone! So exciting!! But also so prone to typing errors.

The problem is that I’m not super-proficient at touch screen typibg – typing – yet, and even though it autocorrects as I go along, it frequently “corrects” wrongly. And I, of course, am mostly oblivious to this. I’m just happy to be texting! And the iPhone’s screen is a lot smaller than my laptop’s screen, so it’s hard to efficiently edit five or six hundred words.

But I’ll lean – I mean learn. And in the meantime, I must apologize if there are spelling or punctuation mistakes. It’s not that I’m a lousy speller or – uh – punctuator, it’s just that I’m new to posting and editing my work from my mobile.

So this post was my first one done entirely on my oPhone – oops! I mean iPhone. Now. Tell me: what do you think? How’s my spelling? My spacing? My punctuation? How do I look to you?

(And I really hope that I don’t look fat…)

10 responses to “A new look

  1. Well allow me to add some punctuation of my own. I can’t bear the thought of a punctuating party with me. ! . , ; ? : !!! . ” Ahhhh! I’m all puncted out!

    • Virgo – I had no idea you were such a punctuation junkie! Here, have some additional punctuation on me: ??:,!;;. (I have lots, so I’ll share.)

  2. I think you are a fine mobile punctuator. In fact, I am very impressed by your punctuativeness. 🙂

    • Nicky – I gotta say that I do love me some good punctuating! We should get together and do some punctuativity some time, shouldn’t we?

  3. Looks good to me. You do know that you can turn the auto correct off, don’t you? I did that on my iPad – it was driving me crazy.
    Of course, I have no idea where I went to do it though. Cuz I’m just that on the ball…

    • Jazz – You can turn that thing off? Really? But then I couldn’t amuse myself by texting things like “Now we’re at A @ Q because he didn’t have dinner and he’s hungry” and getting the response “A @ Q??? Is that like A & W???”

  4. Well, in fthe first place you always look good to me — even though I’ve never actually seen you, but I know you look good. And what you wrote looks good, too. Welcome to your new realm.

    • mrwriteon – I was going to say that you’ve seen PARTS of me, but then I thought that sounded kinda racy. And very wrong, seeing as how you’re my big brother and all. Then I didn’t know what else to reply, so let me just say that I wrote this on my iPhone too. The end.

  5. No, you don’t look fat one bit and the rest looks okay too. I’d say you have mastered the skil of mobile blogging. Does it really make you happy to do that on that tiny screen, though? I can’t imagine that it does. It seems like it is too much work and then all the worry about having spelled everything right!

    • Nora – Oh good! Nothing worse than looking fat! 🙂 But no, I couldn’t stand to always blog on that small screen of my mobile. This was just an experiment to see if I could do it and what it would look like. So now that I know, I’m back to my laptop, definitely!