That’s a wrap

I’ve been looking for a new chest for my silverware for quite a long time now. The one I have is nice, but it’s broken inside. That little piece of wood (or in this case, plastic) that goes across the lid to hold the knives in detached from the lid many years ago.

I don’t like just throwing things away. I usually try to fix them first, then if that doesn’t work, I have no problem throwing it out and replacing it, but I have to have given it the old college try first. With my old silverware chest, I have tried to reglue that piece of plastic back, and to nail it back, but nothing has worked. So it was time to replace it, but that proved to be harder than I thought.

Silverware chests aren’t exactly falling from the skies these days. Most people don’t even own good silverware any more (or even silverplate, which is what mine actually is) so they have no need for chests in which to store the stuff. And even when I could find one, I just didn’t like the design or it looked cheap.

I finally found one I liked, for a reasonable price, online. Even then I was a bit hesitant, because a series of photos doesn’t always do justice to a product. Sometimes the colour doesn’t show up well, and you certainly can’t check out the workmanship properly. They usually do give you the weight, but that means nothing to me: I want to pick it up and feel it for real. But, three weeks ago I bit the bullet and ordered the one I had been looking at.

It arrived two days ago. It arrived in three – yes, count ’em! – THREE boxes, each one inside of another larger one. There was two kinds of bubble wrap, brown paper wrap, styrofoam corners. Nothing was going to touch that chest, no possible way! Here’s the boxes after the unwrapping:
All the bubble wrap, paper and styrofoam are stuffed into the bottom box. It was a LOT of wrapping. It was almost more wrapping than I’ve ever seen in my house even on Christmas morning. And it bears repeating yet again: THREE separate boxes!

Can you say overkill?

But once it was eventually found, the silverware chest inside was perfect in every way, totally undamaged, and exactly what I had hoped for. Here it is, sitting in the hutch in my dining area:

I’m not sure now what to do with the old, broken chest and all the crap that that the new one was wrapped in. I just don’t think my recycling box is big enough.


6 responses to “That’s a wrap

  1. My first wife and I had a wonderful and valuable set of sterling silver. My first wife now has a wonderul and valuable set of sterling silver. I have cheapo store crap that still gets morsels to my mouth. Am I bitter. A little. That stuff is worth money. But your new chest looks nice.

    • mrwriteon – Funny: one of the very few items that PG took when he got divorced was the silver (I think it’s plate, not sterling, but it’s good stuff and he uses it every day). Oh, and the TV. He uses that every day too, though he has since replaced that one with a new huge flat-screen.

  2. If you remove the “innards” (the forms that held the cutlery) from the old silverware chest, you could use it as a storage box.

  3. I “inherited” a silverware chest full of silver plate when we moved downstairs to our new apartment. I have no idea what to do with the thing. I don’t even go the good china route, so silverware is pretty much off my radar.

    • Jazz – Use it! That’s what it’s for! It’s just forks and knives and spoons, after all, even if it is silverplate. And if you didn’t have to pay for it, so much the better!