iPhone (and then iWrite about it)

See this photo? It’s an iPhone, the latest 4GS one. I’m sure you’ve all seen them before. All those iPhones look alike, don’t they?

But this one is mine. That is my actual hand holding my actual iPhone. For true.

I have just purchased the third mobile phone that I have ever owned in my life – or more accurately, in the twelve years that I have had mobile phones. That is apparently an appalling statistic, owning three mobiles in twelve years. I am apparently well below average … in mobile phone ownership, mobile phone ownership, not everywhere in my life! (I just knew where your mind was going there!)

And what’s more, I have cancelled my landline phone and now only have the mobile. Just like the youngsters, aren’t I? I believe I have mentioned this in the past: I am getting older kicking and screaming. Denial all the way, that’s how I’m doing it. I am pretending that I am 25. Still.

So I have packed away all my other old phones and now I must cart my iPhone everywhere I go, even in my house. My house is three stories, so if I don’t do that, if my phone should ring, I will have to possibly run up or down a flight or two of stairs to answer it. Not fun – especially not in socks.

Speaking of ringtones, I didn’t particularly like the ones that came with the phone, so I have learned how to download and activate ringtones from various websites. For free, too, because I am frugal. (Which sounds a lot nicer than “cheap”, which is actually what I am. That’s why I cancelled the landline, you know: too expensive to have two phone systems and totally unnecessary, really.) I spent a lot of time hunting all over the intarnets to find the snippet of the song that I wanted, 42 whole seconds worth. Ironically, my voice mail kicks in well before those 42 seconds are up, so I would never hear the entire song fragment if I chose to not answer a call.

I am starting to text like a demon, too. It’s much easier with an actual keyboard, even a touchscreen one, than it was on my old mobile where I had to hit the “1” button three times to type the letter “c”, for example. That old school stuff is quite time consuming, so I really didn’t text a whole lot. But I sure do now.

And I email right from my mobile! I google things! I play Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds! I check my hockey pool (I’m currently tied for first place, just in case you’re interested)! I download apps with which I do things like check my bank balance and pay some of my bills! I take photos! I listen to music!

What I don’t actually do a lot of, surprisingly, is talk on the phone.

So … um … call me sometime, okay?


13 responses to “iPhone (and then iWrite about it)

  1. That should have been ‘your’ hand, or else I’ve unsuspectingly turned Italian. And I don’t know where that ‘B’ came from.

    • mrwriteon – What, you don’t ever text? Or WANT to text? That’s what got me truly hooked on the mobile phones: I found that I love to text. It’s so much nicer to not have to TALK to people, to just send them a message that they can pick up whenever. (I think I’d live quite well all by myself in a cave: sometimes I just don’t like people!)

  2. Well, you’re one mobile up on me, because I’m only on my 2nd. I get calls from Telus asking if I want to upgrade and I think, ‘why’. I never use the damn thing. It sits in my glove compartment to be used for emergencies on the highway. Landlines work fine for me, especially in this damn country with the highest costing and least efficient mobile service on the planet.
    BTW, you hand looks as lovely as I’d imagined it.

  3. I only have a landline because it comes as a package with the Internet. I don’t own a smartphone thoigh. My mobile is oooold. I may actually cry when it finally dies.

    • bevchen – My previous mobile was actually a smartphone, but I didn’t pay for any data usage so it was just a basic phone. I don’t even think that you can do that any more! I know with the iPhone, it’s mandatory to have a data package, so I suspect it’s the same for all the smartphones.

  4. We dumped the land lines (house and cottage) this summer and got our first phones. Amazing how little use they get now that we no longer get “junk calls” – I suppose they just haven’t found us yet.

    • Jazz – Whoa! You and Mr Jazz were some of the last holdouts for mobile phones, as I recall. You should get yourselves on the national no-call list so you never do get those “junk” calls. I did that a couple of years ago and it’s really helped – but I no longer remember exactly how I did it, otherwise I would pass that info on (sorry!).

  5. I have resisted smartphones and stuck with a fairly basic model. Phone calls are overrated. Most of the calls I get are from my daughters requiring things (lifts, money, advice) or from my mother asking strange questions (I am beginning to worry about her – especially about turning into her).

    • Alienne – It’s been quite the eye-opener for me to see how little I really use a phone for traditional calls. I’m sending and receiving texts SO much more, and it seems to work just fine.

  6. Congratulations with your new iPhone. Some day I suppose I will have one too. I have a primitive mobile phone now and have never upgraded. Just like you, it’s the only phone I have and I hardly get called also. When it comes to that, I would not win any popularity contests :o)

    • Nora – You’re not running up and down stairs to answer when you do get called, though, are you? That was my biggest concern, that I’d leave the phone in the basement TV room and head up two flights of stairs to my bedroom and then someone would call. Then, in my rush to answer, I would trip and fall and knock myself out. I’d lay there, unconscious for days (because, in my doom-filled imagination, DD and PG would not be around for days), then I’d die. In the meantime, the friend who’d called me in the first place would be all mad at me because she thought I wasn’t answering the phone, probably because I was playing Angry Birds with VioletSky.

      Yes, this is how my mind works at times! 🙂

  7. Thanks, I was going to make a comment that I would probably call you during a particularly intense game of Angry Birds and you wouldn’t want to answer… then I decided to play Angry Birds because I haven’t in a long while and I have never gotten beyond level 7 (without trying very hard, may I add) anyhoo, I started over and just reached a new high score on Level 3. Gotta go, call you later.

    • VioletSky – Instead of calling one another, maybe we should just have an Angry Birds on-line tournament. That way we wouldn’t have to actually talk, just fling birds.