Some better tech news

Further to my post the other day about all this technology around me breaking down, and also to reference the recent break-in at my school, I’ve been told a little good news – sort-of!

It seems that it wasn’t eleven laptops stolen after all. Apparently, there was another one found in the hallway and the police took it for fingerprinting. So only ten were actually nicked.

Would have been nice if the cops had contacted my principal right away and let him know this, don’t you think?

And now I have learned that three of the very-definitely-stolen laptops were turned in to some school district office. They did have school district stickers and identification on them, so it would have been fairly obvious to whom they belonged, if they had been found by some random stranger. In any case, they have been turned in, and now the school district IT department is going over them very carefully to see if they can be salvaged, as they were apparently rather beat up on the outside. If they are repairable and it is cost-effective, they will be repaired and returned to me … eventually. If they are not, hopefully the insurance will still pay to replace them.

So that makes only seven laptops that are unaccounted for at the moment. But regardless, at the moment, it is also true that I have no laptops in my classroom for the use of the kids who need assistive software, since not all of those laptops that weren’t stolen had that software installed. This sucks big time. (Also, those remaining laptops have been locked away somewhere very secure, so secure that they haven’t told me where they are.)

Anybody know how long stolen property insurance claims take to process???


5 responses to “Some better tech news

  1. Well, happy for your ‘sorta’ good news, Sister.

  2. What a novel concept, teaching without computers. How will you do it? I’m not joking. They have come to take an important role in our lives. It will be tough to do without them.

    • Nora – I don’t actually do any real teaching with those laptops. Once we train the kids on how to use those assistive apps, they are expected to come and get the laptops whenever they feel they need them, which is usually when they have some lengthy written work to do, or when they have to read a chapter in a textbook. We have – HAD! We HAD! – most of the textbooks scanned into those laptops and special software that will read them aloud to the kids, and we have other software that will read aloud and correct spelling and grammar as they type. Kids with severe learning disabilities in reading and writing NEED this stuff to survive in school.

  3. Well, it looks like you’ll have to teach the old fashioned way, without computers. Seeing the speed at which insurance companies grind ahead, you’ll probably be computerless for the rest of the year.

    • Jazz – I’m not even sure that they were able to find the list of serial numbers for the missing laptops, so I’m not sure that the claim has gone in yet. Nobody tells me anything around here!