Not the best week, technology-wise

There have been technology problems all week in Pinklea-land. It has been quite vexing – not least for the fact that I have discovered that I am more of a computer addict than I thought I was.

First, my home printer seems to have expired. To be fair, it is three years old, which is ancient for a printer. Also, if memory serves, it cost me less than 100$, including tax. So, really, it has had a long life in printer terms, and it has served me well. However, although I don’t need to print stuff at home all that often, this week I needed to do just that, and I couldn’t. I ran it through its head-cleaning cycle several times. I unplugged it overnight so it could rest, hoping that it would reboot itself. I even went out and bought more ink, thinking that perhaps that would do the trick. I carefully followed the troubleshooting questionnaire on-line and all it led to was “You may need to replace your printer”.

Gee, ya think?! Good thing I still have some Christmas money left over.

Then, at work, all the classrooms in my hallway were without the intarnets until yesterday. That would be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with no access to anything on-line. Oh sure, I could have gone somewhere else in the school to check my email or download my phone bill or whatever, but there are always other people waiting to do just that type of thing on any available computer in the school. And the kids are always milling about everywhere you go, so I’d have no privacy if I wanted to read an explicit message from PG, for example (damn kids, they’re all over the school!). Besides, there were eight other teachers in my hallway who were also looking for intarnets access at the same time I was, so we had to take turns. As you can imagine, we were all pretty frustrated by Wednesday. But I have to admit, without being able to browse around some of my favourite websites whenever I had five minutes between classes, I did get a lot of little jobs done that somehow I’d never found time to do in the past months. It’s quite amazing how much time I waste on my computer at work – and even more at home, no doubt! Computers without intarnets just aren’t that fascinating, it seems.

Anyway, on Thursday morning, we were all back on-line. Yay! Except that my computer insisted that it was December 1969. And that it was 4:11 pm. Now, I cannot get into the system preferences of my computer to change little things like that myself. Everyone but the tech people are locked out of most of the settings of all the computers in my school district. I guess they don’t trust us. Maybe they think we’re all going to change our keyboards to the Cyrillic alphabet or something. Anyway, the date and time thing bugged me, but as they weren’t absolutely crucial to my digital well-being, I simply mentioned it in passing when I saw our tech guy striding down the hall around lunchtime. He, lovely man, popped immediately into my classroom and spent five quick minutes correcting that small glitch. Another yay!

That’s two out of my three technology misfires sorted. Now all I have to do is decide whether I want to go grocery shopping or printer shopping this weekend.

Hmm. This is a tough one. Let’s see: eat or print? Print or eat?

Let me think about it a little longer. Maybe I should google it?


8 responses to “Not the best week, technology-wise

  1. Couldn’t you just put what you want to print on a cd and take that into work and print it off there? Especially if you don’t use it much.

    • VioletSky – You know what? I never thought of that! And I have a brand new 8 GB USB flash drive sitting right here on my computer desk! Oh well. I went out and bought a fairly cheap new printer this morning and it works great – so far.

  2. Isn’t it crazy how printers live such short lives? Why is that? Well, if you opt for the printer instead of groceries, you can always print out pictures of food 🙂

    • Nicky – I think three years is the longest any of my printers have lasted. That’s stupid, especially when considering how much longer the computers to which I have attached them have lasted – and those computers have been used much, much more than the printers. It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!

  3. Unless you need a very fancy printer, you should not get one that costs more than the cartridge for the ink does. Printers don’t last long and shouldn’t cost much. Good luck going shopping for one, but it shouldn’t take too much work. You’ll have ample time to do the groceries.

    • Nora – You’re right, I certainly don’t need an expensive printer with all the bells and whistles. In fact, I don’t even want a wireless one, but in my research, I’ve learned that the vast majority of available printers are now wireless. We have some wireless printers at work, and they don’t seem to be very reliable, so I’m not very keen on them for home use. However, in the end, it looks like that’s what I’ll have to get.

  4. I want to get me one of them 1969 computers. I hate tech screwups and they only happen when there is something vital I need to do. Similar to getting a foot cramp at just the ‘important’ interval in something one is doing. Why not print ‘and’ eat. That’d work.

    • mrwriteon – That’s an interesting parallel, tech screwups and foot cramps, not one that would come to the minds of most people. However, I do understand you – I think. As for printing or eating, I decided to eat and so I bought groceries instead of a printer last night. I’ll get a printer next week … maybe … if I have to print something.