A back lesson

Yesterday at the gym, I got up from one of the machines and winced a little. My back kinda hurt. Just a bit. I finished the last two machines of my circuit a little more carefully than normal, thinking, “Hmm. My back kinda hurts. Just a bit.”

Then I went home.

Yep, my back still kinda hurt.

It kinda hurt all afternoon. My heart sank. I didn’t want to go there again. I’m tired of pain in my lower back already!

I called my chiropractor’s office, but she had already left for the day (at 3 pm?? What gives?? Does she keep a teacher’s hours now??). So I made an appointment for this morning. Then I took some meds for my back and settled myself very, very gingerly on the couch. I stayed there, on and off, all evening. My back kept kinda hurting whenever I moved. But at least it didn’t get any worse.

I was apprehensive about going to bed, because whenever my back acts up, I usually don’t get a good night’s sleep, and it’s worse in the morning. But to my surprise, it wasn’t worse in the morning. It certainly wasn’t any better, but it wasn’t worse.

I went to my chiropractor glumly. I even brought her a copy of the radiologist’s report from when I had my back x-rayed last summer. She read it carefully, then nodded. “It seems to be a wear-and-tear thing. You have these little bony spurs sticking out, and every now and then it’s like they seem to catch. And then it hurts and here you are.”

She performed her usual magic on me for fifteen minutes, then I went home. My back still kinda hurt. I was getting tired of walking stiffly and slowly – but hey, look on the bright side: at least I could still walk!

Then I went out for lunch with a good friend. We ate and talked for two hours straight. We hadn’t seen each other for a while, so we had a lot to catch up on, it seems.

And when we got up to go, my back felt, quite abruptly, much better. So much better, in fact, that when I got home, I cleaned my bathroom. Because I could. Bend down with minimal pain, I mean.

The moral of this story is, I think, that lunch with a good friend is more beneficial to one’s back than a visit to the chiropractor.

I must remember this.


9 responses to “A back lesson

  1. Lunch with a freind is the cure for everything!

  2. Noted. I would much rather have lunch that go to a chiropracter, so this info works out well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bubbles are indeed wonderful for back pain. My theory is that the bubbles migrate to where the pain is, wrap it up and send it on its way.

    Lunch with friends works too.

  4. When a backache strikes, don’t freeze up and start moving around carefully. Have a couple of drinks with your best friends and enjoy yourself, that seems to be the answer. You should feel great tonight. Have a Happy New Year!

    • Nora – I have discovered that champagne, real champagne from France, works especially well for backache! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope your New Year has started off well! xo

  5. So, you’re saying you are now in the back of your distress. I am happy for you. Back woes are so shitty, and I can truly empathize.

    And now, adored sister, a very Happy New Year to you and may 2012 bring you all that you want it to. Love and kisses (across the ether) from me.

    • mrwriteon – Yep, I’m still moving around slowly and carefully, but the worst seems to be over with, thank goodness! So indeed, a very Happy New Year to you and yours as well! xoxo